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Feeling amazing, just bumbled along in my own unique style for , wait for it, almost 7k ! 7 freaking k ! Got totally lost at 1 point and needed a stress pee behind a bush ( oh the shame !! ) but found a lovely new route I'm dying to try. Also forgot to report I actually ran whilst on holiday in Scotland, a tow path thingy right out side the hotel. Love running , feel so exhilerated


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  • Go GJ... (but go behind the tree)... :)

    Sounds like a great run and 7K is a loooong way -- isn't it just nice to run at your own pace and your own distance? I'm a great lover of the long run... :) And well done on running on holiday - great stuff!

    Happy resting now!

  • getting lost was interesting, I had no clue where I was, then I recognised a land mark, well a landmark to me, a ploughed field ! I kid you not. Oh ploughed field how I love thee !!

  • You is the dude Jude! Bowing to your achievement in awe. 7k is amazing. :)

  • to say I am happy is an understatement, I am very slow, very very slow, but i get there ( eventually, sometime , or being Cornish even dreckly !! )

  • Tow paths are great aren't they? That is a really long way, good for you!

  • dying to do it again with out getting lost, it will be an awesome run if I can sort it

  • 7k OH 7k ... Oh to run 7k one day! Well done.

  • I'm with you on that one !

  • Yay GJ, Well done, that is very very impressive , you are a shining example of what we can achieve when we put our minds to it , fab stuff :-) xxx

  • poppypug would you like some tips on the reverse method of running as that what I seem to do :)

  • Hey GJ , yes if it means I can run 7k :-D xxx

  • Well done on 7km and sound like your enjoying your runs! Running on holiday sounds so nice.

  • Running on holiday rocks but what really rocks is running thru a busy hotel reception like a drowned rat and not caring

  • Hi GJ! Well done on your long run. Am-a-zing!

    Us biddies rock!!!!!!

  • not bad for biddies are we misswobble :)

  • not bad for biddies are we misswobble :)

  • This made me laugh - a stress pee! Actually a laughter pee is another one that takes you unawares! I've had a few of those (shame) in my time.

    Brilliant run grannyjudes! You should feel very proud. 7 bloody k!

  • I KNOW ! 7 bloody k ! and yes a stress pee coz I was lost !!

  • Wow!! That's brilliant. I'm still bumbling along doing 3k or 4k - only managed 5k once but no pressure now - just running for fun!

  • I truly bumble, no speed at all, almost in reverse, but I feel so GOOD !! so who cares ?

  • Certainly not me! :-) I have a song on my playlist that appears at about the 10 minute mark and one of the lines is "These five words in my head scream "are we having fun yet?" " - and I always reply with yeah, yeah, yeah now!! Amazing to think that 10 or 11 weeks ago those words felt like they were seriously mocking me!! LOL.

  • Lol. Stress pee :) Great distance covered and it sounds like you really enjoyed it, too :)

  • Yep GJ, we rock!

  • Good on you GrannyJude- and it doesn't matter how we do those 7Ks. Run , walk, slow , fast - the fact is that we can now consider transporting our bodies on foot to somewhere that is 7 klms away when everybody else in the community would only drive there :) I have now started to run up streets and paths that I have never been up - just to see what's there :)

  • Oh my! Great run Granny! I need to try getting lost too :)

  • I'm with Iambeek there, 3-4 now I know I CAN do 5... 7 seems like a dream! Great running GJ

  • Great run and lovely post. It is so wonderful to be able to get out there and run, although I am so embarrassingly slow I think I would have to pack a sleeping bag if I set out to do 7k:) Well done on that great distance!

  • before fifty, dont be to impressed, it took me a good hour, I am so slow, but I do seem able to keep going

  • actually 1 hour and 20 minutes !!!! now thats slow !

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