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I've been easing back again after a three month break and so while I was in Ireland last week visiting my parents I was determined to get a few runs in so not to lose momentum. Very happy that I managed two runs on a lovely flat surface . And the weather was lovely. All in all, a good week.

Today I went out for my third run of 2.5k and decided to go on a route I've done before but it is quite remote and quiet. I had previously been a bit nervous of this route because it is isolated and there is a little bit that dips down beside a forest so you are hidden and I'm always anxious that the bogeyman is going to jump out at me when I run past!

However, I have since armed myself with one of those personal alarm things that would do serious ear damage to anyone within close distance and that has given me a bit of confidence.

So this morning, the sun was shining, the wind had died down, I was in the mood and, I was armed with my mobile and my alarm. I felt invincible!

I did my 5 minute warm up walk and started to run. Far too fast! I still find it hard to pace myself even with the Garmin, so I tried not to look at it and listened to my body instead. That seemed to work and I settled in to a nice rhythm.

After a couple of minutes I glimpsed a flash of blue up ahead. What's this I thought? Another runner? I turned a corner and realised it was not one but two people (two men) just walking. I did a quick once over and thought they looked harmless ( how can we be sure?) and kept on running. They kept on walking and talking. I got closer. The path wasn't wide enough for all of so I was wondering and hoping that they would hear me and step aside. No. I got closer still, they kept walking. They must hear me I thought. I'm not exactly the quietest runner in the world. I got so close behind them I would soon have to stop completely so I just said good morning to them and they both turned around and looked really surprised that I was even there! Honestly! I could have been creeping up to attack them. How can some people be so oblivious? They stepped aside and on I went.

That was the first time I had ever seen anyone on this path!

After another couple of minutes I saw a group of people ahead of me coming my way. There were about four of them and they were obviously out for a walk. But they did see me coming and all of them stepped aside to let me run by! We all exchanged good mornings and smiles and waves and on I went. Gosh, this is the busiest I've seen this path. And there was me feeling nervous because it was so quiet!

I was nearing the end of my run which unfortunately was on a bit of a hill so I was huffing and puffing a bit and pushing myself as it was really hard work when I saw another fellow runner coming towards me! She was going DOWN the hill and just starting, so looked very fresh and spritely, unlike me who felt a bit sick at this stage but was trying hard to look like it was all easy! We did say good morning to each other and went on our ways.

I'm always tempted, when I see another runner, to shout out " are you a c25k'er?". Hee hee, maybe one day I will.

I really enjoyed the run today. I'm ready to do 3k next time and I'm feeling great. My quiet, isolated route wasn't so lonely today. I felt much safer with all those people around and I just know that the bogeyman would probably have got those two blokes easily as they wouldn't have heard him creeping up behind them!

Sleep tight.

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There you were, expecting a nice quiet run, then you experience all that, including the two oblivious chaps! Good job it was only you out for a nice run and not the bogeyman come to spirit them away to Bogeyland! :D

Are you enjoying being back out running again? :-)

Ah yes, I've often fancied shouting something of that order out to fellow runners. I really should put my C25K pin badge on my top when out running!

Thanks for sharing that; made me chuckle! :-)


I love being back running again. Have missed it so much. I can't imagine not running which is why I'm taking it nice and steady now!


Glad you saw some people out on the run!! Sounds like your runs are going well. How are the toes?


Runs are going well thanks Vixchile. Toes are good! Still swollen (weird) but not any worse since I started running again.


Fantastic to see you back in the running groove, it's a great feeling to be back. Your run sounds lovely and eventful! Good luck with your next 3km.


Thanks AmberC. As we both know it's great to be back!


Great post Irishprincess. Nice to know you're firmly back in the running groove. Don't know I'd be brave enough to run anywhere where I might need a personal attack alarm, but, with the nights starting to draw in soon, perhaps we should all carry them.


Running has given me more confidence, ie I could probably outrun most bogeymen whereas before I couldn't! You can buy the alarm on Amazon for a couple of pounds. Definitely worth it.

Thanks for your reply.


I need one of those alarms, I have a similar route where I only meet deer and if I saw a person I would definitely put them down as an axe murderer and probably turn and run my fastest split ever! I am always a bit envious of our fellow male runners who don't suffer these bogieman nightmares! Well done on the runs and so nice to change location sometimes to give you a spurt......I am an Irish princess too and ran at home in June for the first time. I saw things around my home place I had never seen before!!


Hi fellow Irish Princess! I think there are a few of us here. I'll write a separate post about the alarm as I do think us girls need to carry one. I'm naturally a very suspicious person so almost everyone I meet on any runs is measured up - attacker or not? Can't help it!


Great that you are back running IP. Great post and sounds like you really enjoyed it despite the hearing impaired blokes. You must have made them jump. He He.


Thanks GF. I really did enjoy the run especially as there were people around!


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