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Chariots of fire

Inspired by our leader, I was moved to watch the original tonight... And I'm pleased to say that the movie has stodd the test of time extremely well. Quite apart from the amazing theme tune, the plot and characters and, of course the running, are all good viewing. There are some interesting running styles to note, particularly Eric Liddell's - not sure it would pass muster today but he sure was fast!

Also interesting to see so,e of their workouts and warmup. I'm contemplating where I might set up a set of hurdles with champagne glasses perched precariously to ensure no touching!

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Funny you should post this, just yesterday I was thinking I must watch it again.....have not seen it for eons. I have the theme tune on my one of my it.


They played this theme tune for the last sprint to the finish at the

London 5 mile and everybody said after that it gave them a huge boost! Think it should be on everyone's playlist Amber and at every finish line....Must watch it ans thanks for reminding us with your post.


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