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Which tracker?

To my great delight Garmin have finally sorted out the issue with ANT+ and my 410 now talks to my computer and I can download data from my watch to Garmin Connect. Only the new 'Modern' version of Garmin Connect seems to be a lot less functional than the old style. Doesn't display splits or heart rate data etc, or if it does i can't find where. There seems to be a flood of similar comments on Garmin user sites. One of those classic examples of software companies taking something that works and 'improving' it in a way that no one wants.

So i am looking at using a different system. Now that I can the run data from watch to computer I can export it to whichever programme I choose. The question is, which one do I choose? Ideally I don't want to be chopping and changing. Everywhere I look for advice only confuses me more. Opinions seem to be extremely divide and supporters of the various programmes seem passionate and partisan in a Mac/PC, Mods/Rockers kind of way.

Ideally I want to be able to analyse my heart rate data, elevation gain and splits as well as just time and distance.

Anyone have any advice? Strava seems to be a strong contender at the moment.

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