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Pleased to be back running regularly.

I have always run since graduating but recently was not running 3 times a week usually only twice a week. So I was determined to do 3 runs this week. Last Sunday was my run and shop of 5km, Tuesday I ran just over 8km and today was 6.5km. Also settled on a routine of getting up around 8am, I'm lucky to be retired, eating toast and marmalade with a cup of tea, having a shave and putting the running gear on allows the toast to go down. Few stretches, warm up walk, start Garmin and off running, stop Garmin at end of run, warm down walk, few more stretches, drink plenty of water then shower change then finish breakfast with a bowl of cereal. I hope I can now keep this up but my grandson coming to stay in a weeks time means I might have to substitute the running with walks in the woods and kick abouts in the park. He is 5 years old so too young for a 5km run I think. I know what you will all say "start them young".

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I bet he could trot alongside you just fine, or you find a park where he can play in the middle while you jog round the outside, keeping an eye on him

You could always run when he's gone to bed if you have a baby sitter that is!

You'll work something out I'm sure. It's great being retired isn't it. Leisurely breakfast and then running. Lovely!


I'm sure i will work something out so i can keep running. Yes being retired is great i thought i would miss work but with some volunteer work i do for local charities, home and family commitments am glad i made the decision to retire.


Work puts such a crimp on one's day doesn't it!

I volunteer every Saturday morning and it's getting in the way of my Parkrunning, so I'm thinking of packing it in. I've done it for years so I think I'm due to let someone else take over


Hi ! Its a fellow iow person( though you did escape!!) I've not done 3 runs every week , mostly it 2 at the mo, but like you i want to focus on getting those 3 runs again! had lovely one from Yaverland carpark along to shanklin, made it up that steep hill then back via Languard rd heading to Lake! Got a lift from OH on his way to work at bembridge, so thats a good one and gets me out early!! No excuses then!! its lovely to think of that breakfast afterwards eh? i was dreaming of tea and toast with raspberry jam on tues!!

Hope you can fit in some runs inbetween chasing your Grandson around! Have fun! Ali :)


Hi Ali, If you managed to run up the steep hill at Shanklin beach I am might impressed. Walking up there as a child after a day on the beach was tiring. Then in my early teens we used to cycle up it but you could never get enough speed up to give you momentum because of the sharp bend from the esplanade at the start of the hill then the other sharp bend where the sloping path goes down to hope beach. Ahh memories.


i did! had to stop for a puff at the top and sit on wall for a min, thought i'd give it a try and see how far i got and always go a bit further next time so i was very pleased!! :) Walked to traffic lights then carried on home. yes i've almost cycled up there before and the steep on by sandown pier, thats a bit of a killer too! Hope you're doing ok, nice to talk to someone who can visualise where i'm on about :)


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