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Checking in Dozzer Sir, to gain completion of the triathlon for the discombobulated

If 30 mins hula hooping counts (Monday) then I am pleased to report completion of the triathlon today - after receipt of new bike and 45 minute ride this afternoon and run completed Sunday.

As a late comer to the challenge, I hope this will enable you to bestow the honour of completion to me. The charitable donation has gone to the local animal rescue/rehoming centre (woodgreen animal shelter)

Other ideas for discombobulants : skipping, roller skating, and space hoppers.

- this could build to a pentathlon!

I am tired, and will now sleep - especially as I just had a little go at skipping.

Many thanks, regards to all

Madge50 xxxxx (spinner extraordinaire)

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Oh wow! Huzzah! How fast is that Madge50 (hula girl extraordinaire, triathlete). Well done!


Thanks dozzer19 , very happy with that, and I like the idea. I am never going to be a long distance runner, but the 30mins challenge of each thing is great.

So glad I asked about swapping the swimming, I did wonder whether 30 mins in a jacuzzi would be ok, but then you may as well just sit in the bath, not sure if that would quite cut it, plus the prune like skin just wouldn't be pretty.

Madge50 x


Hey, Madge50. One of us claimed 30 mins in a paddling pool with grandchildren, so I'm sure a jacuzzi would have been fine. We're not fussy!


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