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I think I've completed the Dozz-ville challenge but I'm definately discombobulated!

I've done the swimming bit, gently. I've done the cycling bit, gently but the running bit was really run/walk with more walking than running! I'm afraid my c25k journey has stalled due to having the wind taken out of my sails by Nasty chest bug picked up from granddaughter on last babysitting outing. Could not get out for over 3 weeks & when I did my getup & go had gone,so will wait until wind back in sails & weather cooler before starting again

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Sorry to hear you are not well, and very impressed to hear that you have completed the triathlon regardless! A real trooper!


Oh great work C25Kat70 (triathlete)! And while I'll too! Now have a rest.


Congratulations on completing the triathlon, hope you feel better soon


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