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Week 4 complete woop woop!!

What a different feeling to last week! I finally felt I could run further just now which is how I have been feeling on previous runs too. I even ventured out onto the main common where the 'proper' runners run, instead of jogging round and round the same patch of park which is what I usually do. Even managed to have a row with my running partner (not good) without getting too out of breath (good). All in all, a good end to the day. Thanks to everyone for constant motivation - it really does work.

Happy weekend all

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Well done. Certainly sounds you're starting to feel the benefit ;)


Brilliant - well done! Sounds like things are going well for you and long may it continue!


I can't stand running circuits of the same track or park, I have to get out and keep going so I have fresh scenery

It sounds like it's all going really well for you. Take things steady, go carefully as you don't want any injuries. Slow jog is all that's needed and will see you successfully through to Graduation

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Congratulations, sounds like that running bug is taking over!


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