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Phew, that's more like it!

Should have gone out yesterday but had 'a bit of a tum' and it was so hot, I thought it was probably a good idea to give it a miss. Felt better by the afternoon so went for a long walk instead and worked out a new route which keeps me off the roads a lot more.

Anyway, I got up a little earlier today and as it was not quite so sunny (I think we had a thunderstorm overnight but can't say I heard anything!!) decided to get out and try the new route. May not have been as sunny, but it was very muggy! Still, I just wanted to try and get some kms in my legs and not worry about speed, pace etc. Once over the ring road, I only had a couple of less busy ones to cross then it was mainly through a housing estate with lovely quiet and tree-lined pedestrian paths to run along.

I have to say, today felt much more like the way I was running a few weeks ago and I was very happy, the first time I checked the Garmin, to see I'd covered 5.7k without any real difficulties. Legs didn't feel as heavy, breathing was coming more naturally - I felt like I was covering the ground much more smoothly. Nearly home and stopped running at 8k - the first time for a while that I felt I could have continued for a bit longer.

Overall, a pretty happy dottie. :-)

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Wow, 8k! That's brilliant. And in this heat?! You listened to your body and it paid dividends, so really well done! I'm not running at the minute due to injury but I take my hat off to anyone who's out there doing it in this heat!

PS can't believe you didn't hear the thunderstorm! It was majestic!


I think we must have been the only people in Gloucester who didn't hear a thing! :-)

I was running regular 8k plus up until I went on me hols at the beginning of June, but have found it tough going to even do 5k since - don't know why, maybe it's the heat. That's what I'm blaming anyway!


Sounds like a great run and a great distance covered :)


Thanks Paul. Wouldn't go so far as to say 'great' but an improvement over recent runs certainly!


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