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Advice please!

Before this morning I had not run/walked for 2 weeks as I have been diagnosed with impingement syndrome of the shoulder, which has made moving my left arm painful. Today I repeated wk 2 day 2, which was the session I did 2 weeks ago and boy it felt tough - the hot weather did not help. I will do my next session on Saturday and wonder if I should repeat wk 2 day 2 again, or move on to wk 2 day 3. Thanks.

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As all the runs are the same in week2 I would do run3 the rest, see how you feel if you think it will help take two days rest after. if you manage the run ok I would try week3 after that. You might have found it tough because of the weather and the gap.However it's up to you, listen to what your body is telling you.


Thanks - sound advice!!


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