Ok, here's my story :)

I'm 49, Male, far too heavy (almost 19 stone at one point) and I decided I needed to do something about it before it was too late. I came across c25k on a Cruise line forum (Disney have a 5k run on their private island in the Bahamas) and a lot of the people on that forum signing up for the 5k were older than me, I thought if they can do it, maybe I can. And so it began ............

I went out and bought some proper running shoes, signed up for a gym and worked my way through c25k, it took me 12 weeks as work/life kept getting in the way but last week I finished W9R3 much to my amazement ! I am now down to 14 stone 6 and feeling great.

The only blot on the horizon was I had never run outside, so as my "graduation" present bought a Garmin FR10.

I got up eagerly but a little trepidation at 6.30 this morning to find it was raining but I thought you know what - I'm going to run anyway - I was fired up :)

I set off thinking that my time would be around 45 mins - I actually finished in 33:49 !! This was my first ever 5k and I'm absolutely stoked :)

Honestly If I can do it anyone can do it, all your inspiring stories have been a great help, so thank you :)

Oh and by-the-way, In August I'm off to the Bahamas and you can bet your life I'm gonna do that 5k :()

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  • Hi ! Welcome, what a fab post ! Many congratulations on completing the programme and your weight loss, its great what we can do when we are determined and put our minds to it. All the best on your further running adventures and keep posting :-) xxx

  • Congratulations on graduating and for taking the plunge to run outside where it's much nicer, that's a great 5k time good luck with your Disney run

  • Wow that is fantastic! Well done on your graduation, weight loss and 5k time. You should feel rightly proud. Enjoy your running. x :-)

  • Hi, welcome and congratulations on graduating. Also congratulations of completing the 5k and in a great time. I'm a little envious of the Bahamas 5k run. Enjoy :)

  • Oh wow that is amazing! Congratulations :-) though I am totally jealous about your Bahamas 5k!

  • Thats really inspiring, i will tell my friend tomorrow who I am coaching through C25K....and very well done :)

  • What a fantastic year you are having!

    Congratulations on your graduation and your weight loss.

    Your 5k time is also pretty good.

    And the Bahamas in August.... I hope it won't be too hot for running.

    Best of luck and happy running.

  • Many thanks for all your replies, I think we have all surprised ourselves as to what we can do when we are motivated enough. You guys are all inspiring :)

    I'm looking forward to my Bahamas 5k but it's gonna be so hot -around 90 degrees with 80% humidity, I think I'll take it easy :)

  • Wow ! That is so hot its smoking ! :-) Good luck , yep take it easy :-) xxx

  • Thanks for that,just what I need to hear,I have wanted to do this program but didn't know how to download ,yesterday I thought I would look to download on my phone,I have never downloaded anything,I jumped for joy and did it,so I done day 1 on the spot in the kitchen,so today I am going to push myself out on the road,I am 64 and about 18 stone,so it won't be easy,I have a plaster ready to put on the back of my hand saying,I can do this ,so your message today was a little inspiring x

  • You can do it - we're all here cheering you on!

  • Thanks,did it again. Yesterday,ran 6 lengths of the rugby pitch ,as my program keeps cutting out.so that's how I am doing it ,run one walk one.when I got home and added it all up it was near enough half a mile run and half a mile walked.so sooooo pleased,let me at it tomorrow

  • That's brilliant Westonmill! You're clearly fitter than you thought you are! Keep it up!

  • You can do it :) always remember even if you have a bad run its all progress. The program works you just have to trust it.

  • A brilliant post - well done on such a good time! Enjoy that Disney run :)

  • Well that's week 1 done,can't /believe I have done it,going to do week 1 again to boost confidence and better posture,and maybe a little more speed,it wasn't as hard as I thought,but 1 more week will get me in a better place to take on week 2 ,taking my age and weight into. Consideration,although I lost 3 kilograms this week,which is a bonus,so glad I started

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