Ow ow ow ow OW!

Almost 2 years of injury free running came to a slamming halt this morning as I headed out on a route I've run thousands, nay millions of times (OK quite a few).

A triffid root pushing up the tarmac under the path finally got me. I now know the true meaning of 'measured her full length on the floor', well actually I think I measured more than my full length as my hands were way out in front.

2 grazed and achey knees, 2 grazed palms, one grazed elbow, a scraped shoulder and a grazed set of knuckles (yep, how I managed to wreck both sides of my hand I don't know) did manage to complete the second half of the run but now they want to curl up in bed and recover. Chimney sweep is due soon though so that won't happen.

Well, happy running and be careful out there!

Normal service will hopefully resume tomorrow.....

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13 Replies

  • Ouch! Poor you. Take it easy Beads. Suspect you're going to be feeling sore for a few days. Very very impressed you managed to complete the run though :)

  • Well I was almost 2k from home so it was either run or walk! Just looked at my stats, the run AFTER falling over was faster than the run before falling over (must've been desperate to get home for some reason!!) and I only sat on the pavement feeling sorry for myself for a maximum of 25 seconds before peeling myself off and getting back running (time for that km 5.53, elapsed time 6.18).

  • Poor you Beads. You must have got such a shock, it's pretty scary falling your full length and seeing a triffid on top of that? Seriously though, you will be pretty sore by now so take it easy. Can you curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea until the chimney sweep comes?

  • I went back to bed for half an hour, I feel a bit better for doing so, but will have to strip the duvet later due to leaky knees!

    Right wrist tubigripped for a bit of support as it feels a bit achey, glad I could find it but it's not comfortable over my palm.

    Still waiting for the chimney sweep, then the beautician (GoogleMe is not the only one with Prom Child!), then I'll be off down the gym to hopefully loosen things up, then it's yet another sit in the dentist's chair this afternoon! Oh what a FUN day!

  • At least my Prom Child doesn't need to go to the Beautician but Mummy was not happy when he was still in bed rather than waiting impatiently for my return (no run, no errands) so he could get started on the car. Which he had so kindly volunteered us to transport the world and his wife in (actually no 'wives')

    What a jolly day - I remember a bramble coming after me around Week 4. I am sure that having a reason to get up and carry on reduced the later impact - although it was no fun having to go back when I realised I'd lost my keys.

    Hope you get through a busy day OK Beads and that it doesn't hit you like a steam train later.

  • So dreadful.

    Look after yourself!

    Best wishes for a prompt recovery...

  • Oh no, poor you. Take good care of yourself and I hope it wont leave you on the bench too long.

  • Yikes these triffids nasty things.

    Hope everything all heals up at top speed

  • Ouch, that sounds very nasty. I hope you heal up quickly :)

  • Ow! Sounds horrible. Really shakes you up doesn't it? I expect you will feel a bit stiff and sore for a couple of days . Hope you feel better soon.

  • Ooh, knees and elbows hitting tarmac... it hurts just thinking about it! Poor you! Amazing that you completed the run, and so fast. When I was a kid I can remember a teacher at school painting my skinned and weeping knees with something called Friar's Balsam, which seals everything up. I wonder if they still make it?

  • Ouch! - hope you recover soon, that sounds really painful. I admire you for picking yourself up and carrying on running - I think I would have just limped home snivelling! I very nearly tripped over something the other morning but luckily staggered along and managed not to fall - I was due to see the physio about my shoulder and had visions of going in all scraped and battered and achy! Hope things are a bit more comfortable for you this morning.

  • Thanks all, just posted an update over on FB.

    Not feeling too bad now and I didn't ache, apart from my bruised knees. It may not be for everyone but i've found out how to avoid post exercise (accident) DOMS, it's simple really, it hits 2 days after you do something strenuous usually so if you do something everyday it doesn't get a chance to catch up with you! I'm going to be in serious trouble when it does catch up though!

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