What we need is a secret wave!

I've decided that club C25K needs a secret wave (see today's earlier post). It needs to be known to only C25Kers but instantly recognisable. It needs to look just like a normal jaunty wave ( normal as in not making us look any crazier than we already are) and not get us arrested. We could then bowl along waving to all other runners but instantly identifying any of our C25K buddies.

Any ideas?


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16 Replies

  • double thumbs up?

    hand up and twiddle thumb and first finger?

    how about a little salute?

    lifting left hand and making a c shape with the hand to the side?

  • Can you make a video please?

  • Have to watch that the C doesn't look like L for Loser! Double thumbs up is good and not potentially too baffling to a non c25ker.. Hmm thinking caps..

  • Love this idea! A little salute would be incredibly jaunty, but made a C shape would be discrete...

  • Great idea .. I shouted "c25k?" at someone once and she said yes...but neither of us paused our podcasts mid run. Strangely exciting to meet a real c25ker... Sadly not seen her since.

  • Quick chorus of 'You and Julie'?

  • Oh that made me laugh

  • There are pin badges or t-shirts which would make you recognise each other... see pinned posts.

  • the "c" shape is like lifting a pint

  • The T-shirt I have but don't wear as I get extra sweaty in that fabric. The pin badge no one would see unless they got very close. I like the little salute idea, the C shape may be misinterpreted as an offer to buy a pint as kicki says.

  • Er, at the risk of lowering the tone of the thread, could the C shape be mistaken for an offensive gesture?

  • Loving this idea!! I have seen a couple of regular runners on my route at about my standard and wondered if they were fellow C25K-ers but am usually breathing way to hard to ask!! :-)

    A little secret wave would be amazing! I'll have a think but I love the "C" shape idea or the jaunty salute! xxx

  • How about running backwards when approaching another runner ;)

  • Stop it! My ribs are hurting! C looking like an l for loser! Tee hee

    Could you imagine singing You and Julie randomly to a passing runner! I'll try it tomorrow!

    Ully sounds like me! I say things like jaunty and bowl along. It must be our age

  • Hands raised, 2 fingers on one hand, 5 fingers on the other ... chant "Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! Couch! ...." until they are well out of earshot

    Subtle enough? :-)

  • Wonderful!

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