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Having aggravated my old thigh injury somehow on holiday last week (too much walking?!), this was really a test run to see how it felt. All good for the first 3k, didn't feel like it was a fast pace and I felt like it was a fairly steady run. Stopped at just over 20 mins rather than risking overdoing it and walked a bit before setting off. Then felt it start to tighten very quickly just after 5k and had to stop running and walk again. Didn't risk another run, don't think I would have managed it anyway. Long walk back home, ice pack on and no more running til at least Monday methinks!

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Oh that's a shame especially after a nice holiday, hope the thigh feels better soon


:( Sorry to hear that. Hope you manage to have a relaxing weekend with your feet up and a plentiful supply of tea and cake - sorry, make that "healthy snacks" - to keep you going.


Feels a little looser today so hopefully the icing helped. Won't be taking any chances though, I'm supposed to be doing RfL on Sunday.

No chance of feet up I'm afraid...but 'healthy snacks'...sounds very good to me...! ;-)


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