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Short Sharp Shock

As part of my post grad plan of getting up to 10k, one of my weekly runs is shorter and faster (on paper :-) )

I set runtracker to pipe up every 2 minutes to check I was keeping pace and off I went with the intention of completing a 3k loop in under 14 minutes 30 seconds.

Another muggy morning but this time without the benefit of my water based cooling system (heavily laden trees) the run was very difficult.

By 1km I was certainly feeling the pace but was pretty much keeping to target. Settled into a rythm by about half way but my pace had slowed slightly. With around 2 minutes to go I thought there was no way I would hit the target but found some energy and upped the pace for the last slog (luckily a slight downward incline)

Runtracker clocked me at 14:47 but I might have been nearer the 14:30 target by the time I got the phone from my pocket and stopped the program.

The thing that I noticed today, that I havent before as it has probably been a bit sneaky is my recovery. Sure I was breathing very very heavily at the end of the run but my breathing normalised very quickly ( I am sure my heart was still hammering away though). To think that 11 weeks ago I was panting while walking up two storeys at work!!!

What a programme c25k is. :-)

post run thoughts.

How am I going to fit in those early morning runs now the world cup has started and all its late finishes :O


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Well done. I've noticed how quickly my recovery / breathing is. Just shows how much fitter we must be :)


Most definitely Paul. When I realised I was taken aback.

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It's a great feeling, isn't it! It's these little things that make me so pleased I stuck with the program - being able to take the stairs at a reasonable pace AND still hold a conversation, being able to keep up with my daughter on a yomp through the town and not look like I will pass out if we have to wait to cross the road! ...and of course the whole parkrun community - got to love this running lark!


Ssshhhhh. Please do not tell Mrs Runner 56 that the programme is a shopping aid ;-)


Hang on to the memory of how you were before the start of C25k, because you will only find yourself getting fitter and fitter. Recalling that distant memory of your former self is very satisfying as you push on towards your next running target, amazing yourself at what you can actually do. As an introduction to running, C25k is brilliant.

Keep running, keep smiling.


I wholeheartedly agree. A fantastic programme. I always have a chuckle when I have run for a few minutes and how such a short time ago, that seemed impossible


I've only just completed week 1 and already I am noticing an improvment in my recovery so looking forward to seeing how much better it will be in the coming weeks.

With regards to running in the morning during the World CUp you are welcome to borrow my two year old who thinks 5 o clock is the perfect time to wake up :)


You will astound yourself as to what you can do by sticking to the programme. Good luck with it.

As for those 5am rises, I am glad they are behind me. They have been replaced by lots of shouting, rushing around and threats of buckets of water as I try and convince my 11 and 9 years olds to get up and out to school :D


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