Couch to 5K

Ive surprised myself!

So ive had 2 wks off runnin. One through wk away all inclusive layin in the sun, another through excuses of why not to go runnin. B4 I went away I was us to wk8 r3. Wasn't too sure if id b able to do wk 9 as took full advantage of all inclusive! Took advice from ere which was to run without laura! So off I set. Did 5 min warm up then ran with my own tunes & a stopwatch! Hoped to do 20mins. Got to 20 mins kept goin...managed to do 30mins. Yep!! A whole 30mins. Well chuffed. So will start wk 9 on fri!!! Happy days!

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Wow that's good that two weeks off don't seem to have affected your fitness! Well done. Nearly there now! All inclusive in the sun sounds good x 8-)


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