Battle is won!

Battle is won!

C25K completed. I wore my elf ears and boy did they make me fast! 28 minutes .... 'wasn't a precisely measured course'

Got a goody bag after with a drinks bottle, a beer (!), a pasty, a small hand towel and some juice. All round very pleased with myself.

(The harp stayed at home, but I played it in spirit)

Fish and chips to celebrate


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38 Replies

  • Well done and congratulations on your graduation. Long may you enjoy your running. Best wishes. Fitmo

  • Thanks, and for your support :-)

  • Thank you KittyKat007. So happy

  • Well done I_will need to change your name to I_did

  • Hehe, I thought that :-)

  • Ha ha yes that's what I meant , not have :-) xxx

  • Congratulations I_will ! You will have to change your name to " I_have " Another Lieutenant to the ranks :-)

    I hope you enjoyed your fish and chips , great stuff ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug. Fish and chips were sooooo tasty!

  • Well done Corporal I_will. Excellent work! Please accept this promotion to Second Lieutenant in honour of your hard work and moral encouragement to all. The harp deserves a special mention. You can manage the 5k without it. I need it just to reach 30mins. Fabulous! Really pleased for you!

  • Thank you very much sir. Now it's your turn ~ then it's party time!

  • Party!!!

  • Party poppers and dodgers and music. General mayhem

  • Break out the Vimto!

  • Top hole, old chum! Your frock is definitely worth the money you spent - a de Havilland is it?

  • Georgio Armani - very stylish!

  • Yum! Thanks. Let's make punch!

  • No not the party poopers. Well done you! I notice they had the flags out for you.

  • Just for me! :-)

  • dozzer19 shutting down for the night. See you at reveille!

  • Bon nuit Monsieur

  • Very well done! Great news :)

  • Thanks :-)

  • Well done! Congrats on Graduation! Fish and chips! What a splendid celebratory feast. Giz a chip!

  • Thanks ... picks you out a nice crunchy one

  • Well done second lieutenant I_did- a great run a fantastic time and fish and chips too!! :) What next for you? More 5k, move on to 10k or professional lap harp playing? ;)

  • Thanks :-)Well, the harp playing goes without saying (!) But I think I'll reach for a 10k! Exciting!

  • Congratulations! It's an amazing feeling isn't it?

    So now the real running adventure begins - what next?

  • Thanks ... I might treat myself to some kit, then 10k training :-)

  • Woohoo well done you x

  • Thank you .... you tomorrow, I'll be watching out. Good luck :-)

  • I did it last night... I decided to forego training and just do it... :))))

  • Hey!! Congratulations. Your graduation badge is waiting for you. How did it go?

  • Hi Yes all good... ran in a nearby town to have a change of scenery.. right calf a little tight this morning but nothing a couple of rest days wont fix I am sure... Certainly no gifts and flags awaiting at the end of my run!!! :)))) yours was certainly a celebration... Well done again...

  • What's next for you do you think?

  • I've got R4L on 6th July but really don't know ATM... what about you? x cant decide whether to try to improve the 5k for a while or try for further...

  • R4L is a good thing to have to work towards. I might try the speed stamina podcasts with Laura but I think overall I'm going to aim for 10k next.

  • What a way to graduate, but we NEED pics of the elf ears!!

  • I do have photographic evidence but being a bit of a computer noob, not sure how to attach! ^..^

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