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RBC Race For The Kids 8th June 2014

RBC Race For The Kids 8th June 2014

On Sunday 8th June 2014 I ran and completed the Great Ormond Street Charity, Battersea Park 5K. I am proud to say that this was down to NHS C25K and I completed W9R3 prior to my run.

In scorching hot early morning sunshine and arriving late for the event I ran through the tail end of the competitors and managed a time of 36 minutes which included jogging on the spot waiting for water.

I'm very proud of the medal I received at the end of the event and collecting a few quid for the charity.

I'm thinking of running the London British Heart Foundation one next, In October. But my next goal is C25K+ :-)

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Congratulations! I'm still buzzing from my first ever race last Sunday. You did it in a great time too! Well done :)


Hi, thank you for your reply and congratulations on your first run too. I think I'm on a high too. Went to the gym this morning and although I was motivated I found it a tad boring and wished I had gone for a 5k jog instead.

What race did you enter then? I'm just itching to do the next one :-)


I did the Race For Life in Northampton. Wasn't it hot?! I was really looking forward to running this morning, even got up extra early, but my shins are suffering badly :( think I'll have to go to the gym later instead, but like you say, it's just not the same. Changed days for me - getting cross because I can't run today - who'd have thunk it?!

Enjoy polishing that medal and planning the next running adventure :)


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