Couch to 5K


This morning before starting work I completed W5R3!

I *never* thought I'd do it first time, but I read ALL the posts on here about just taking it slow and I did. Possibly too slow! By the ten minute mark I was still breathing comfortably but my legs were not happy. That was definitely the bigger struggle, to just keep them moving.

When I started the cool down walk they tightened up a little (I think wondering what I'd just made them do) and even after stretching I'm much more aware of them than usual!

But, it's done! And as I like to always run on the same week days I now have two rest days to recover before starting Week 6.

I can't believe this works.

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Yaaaaaay. Well done - the 20 min run is definitely a big milestone in the programme! Good luck with Week 6 :D xx


Congratulations! That run always looms scarily in the distance doesn't it - but we have had faith in the plan and ourselves - and we've done it :-) I have just had an enjoyable W6R1 this morning! Yes enjoyable - who'd have thought I'd have said something like that! ;-) xx

I'm sooooo slow - I think I walk quicker than I shuffle along! Lol but who cares! Not me! ;-) Haha


Huge milestone - well done! Now you can see why the cool down is just as important as the warm up too - keep the muscles moving so they don't lock up in protest too quickly!

There's no such thing as too slow by the way - you ran 20 minutes non-stop... everyone else ran 20 minutes non-stop for W5R3 - you did exactly the same as everyone else... just sayin'... :)

Enjoy week 6 and keep it slow and steady - them intervals look inviting but they are tricky!


It's great int it! Well done for starting the programme, that's the hardest bit over and done with. Go slowly! Slow is good as you then have something in reserve to finish the run. As Laura says, "a slow jog" is what you're after. If you take the rest day between runs and don't go too fast then you should be able to finish the plan without incident, so take care out there!

Week 6 is a step up, but you are prepared, so take your time you will get through it and enjoy it. We have all done it and come out the other side and so will you

Good luck. Keep us posted on your progress


That's the big one done now. Mentally that is hard, and physically you do of course have to work harder too. You did so well to push through, and just get it done. Well done.

The rest of the runs just build on that, and before you know it you will be up to 30 mins.


You guys rock!

Yeah, I'm definitely not underestimating week six, but getting this out of the way has definitely cemented confidence in the program overall.

I shall enjoy the rest days first though :-D


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