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first run with my new SPI belt - thanks for all the advice!

In an attempt to avoid the 'all the gear and no idea' tag I have only slowly been buying running kit as I go and as I find I need it.

I was really chuffed with my leggings and socks when I got them and following usual great advice from the forum I got a SPI belt for my iphone while running.

Its great! I was initially planning to get an arm band and I'm so glad I asked for advice here before buying as this seems way better - I didn't even notice it!

Not an essential bit of kit by any means but I love it!

Thanks again forum peeps!

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What's one of those belts Reyc ?


Hi Rockette-

Its one of these:

sort of streamlined bum bag for your phone, keys etc while you run. I was tired of having my phone in my sweaty paw and was considering an arm band but this is a way better option i think. my core is less mobile than my arm and i don't have to cinch it so tight.



Ooh I'm glad you like it! Love mine and not sure how I got by without it!


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