cacaff. I'm amazed and impressed! I thought I was doing this on my own!

I found this site as I was interested to know who 'Laura' was ( as I had just had an argument with her as I was running round my local park this morning... 90 seconds... It's not long is it?). Anyway, thank you for all the great info here. My Achilles is growling at the moment and I was wondering what I should do?


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  • Hello and welcome!

    I do suffer from the odd growling Achilles and if find that the only answer is rest - by which I mean leave it a couple of day before running again. I suffered more during my early c25k runs than I do these days, but you must listen to your body and take the rest element of the programme as seriously as the runs themselves. Are you using a good pair of shoes? If you were going to spend money on anything, then I'd recommend that's where you should spend it. It does make a difference. Others here will have an opinion, I'm sure.

    As for arguing with Laura - oh the air used to turn blue!

  • Thanks Rob, new trainers are on the list of things to do this week. Poor Laura, she must get a hard time on a regular basis! Lol

  • Yes it's a good job she doesn't take it personally

  • Hi Cacaff. I saw you on Emilie's "guru" thread. Thought I'd say welcome to the forum. 90 seconds at this stage is equally well done as 30 mins at that stage! So well done. If your Achilles is protesting you might want to think about departing from Laura's advice to land on your heel. ( can't remember when she says it, but there are a lot of folk who say it's possibly bad for jarring tendons and joints....and others who say the opposite) I suggest reading round it and try different ways before you settle. All the best good luck :)

  • Hi cacaff and welcome to the forum :)

  • Hi cacaff, I agree with others about resting your Achilles a few days. Btw the real Laura posts on here sometimes:

  • Get a bag of frozen peas (or ice cubes) and wrap them in a tea towel. Find yourself a nice comfy couch and a cup of tea and put your feet up for half an hour, with the growling achilles on the ice. Repeat as necessary - or as often as you can persuade someone to replenish aforementioned ice and tea ;)

  • Hi Cacaff! Ice for your Achilles when you've run, but also investigate some stretching exercises (YouTube is the best place or runners Enjoy your running and keep coming back here for support and to share stories x

  • Ice and tea... Works a, how am I going to get up the stairs to bed ???

    Thanks everyone. I never thought I'd say this, but runners are cool peopleX

  • Seriously - is it that bad? That doesn't sound like it's growling, more like roaring! Try some ibuprofen and then repeat the ice (and tea) regularly for the next few days. Keep that foot elevated if at all possible. And get it checked out if it's still that painful after a couple of days.

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