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Is there life after shin splints?

I've seen here that I am not the only one to suffer shin splints early in the programme, I was on week 2 day 1 when my legs started to really hurt a couple of hours afterwards. My intention is to rest until I am completely better, then get gait analysis and buy some good shoes, but I wonder if I will ever recover completely, or at least enough to continue with the programme. I don't want to spend what could be a large amount of money on shoes I might never wear...any advice?

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I'm no expert but I got past mine and I would hope you will too. I didn't suffer 'til graduation and had already had the gait analysis and good shoes by then. I just had it in the right shin but because it was getting worse each run I heeded the general advice not to run for two weeks (still got out on my mountain bike and did some modest walking though). When I re-started I made sure I began mixing the runs up, so since I run outside, choosing different routes (because on the advice I'd been given it seems only going on the same route before was probably the cause/contributing to the problem), so sometimes tarmac/pavement, sometimes canal towpath and sometimes grass or mixture of all. That was all eight weeks ago or so and so far with sticking to three 30minute runs each week I've had no further problems.Good luck with sorting yours.


First time I did C25K I developed shin splints in week 3. The remedy I used was rest and ice pack to reduce the inflammation. A handy tip is wet a hand towel and wring it out then pop it into the freezer for a couple of hours, once nice and cold wrap it around your shins. I found this more manageable than actual ice packs or bags of peas which is another option. Always wrap peas etc in a tea towel to prevent ice burn. If your pain is severe an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen will also help. So to answer your question, YES most definitely there is life after shin splints. While I was unable to run I did some research on shin splints and found that adjusting my foot strike to 'mid-foot' as apposed to heel strike it solved the problem. For now you could do some gentle walking and work on your breathing, it will all help for when you can get back out there which you will, Good luck :)


I stopped running for about 3 weeks due to shin splints soon after starting, so I got these - apart from the last 2 weeks when I have been ill, I have been running 3 times a week, and when I start feeling a niggle, I wear these when running.

You will get past it, and so long as you don't let this setback stop you running, there's no reason why you won't carry on to graduate!

Good luck and don't get too down hearted about it.


I got shin splints on left shin only since graduating. Having read lots on the internet about them. Like you helcl have ordered the same calf guards off amazon, they should arrive in the next couple of days. Hope they will help me. Also I'm now using a foam roller and doing strengthening exercises. I'm icing shins each day too.

I last ran Wednesday but taking a rest for a few days as determined to run Race for Life a week on Tuesday.


Thanks for all the advice! I particularly like the idea of putting a towel in the freezer! Great idea! I also wondered about those compression socks, I'll bear those in mind. I'm feeling a bit better now, hope to be back running in a couple of days xx


OK! Got some new shoes, they seem to be ok... finished week 2 day 3..


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