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Couch to 5kers ROCK!!

Couch to 5kers ROCK!!

I'm doing a Race for Life 5k with my daughter in a few weeks time, my 4th, her 3rd time. I started C25K so I'd be able to run the distance instead of walking/half-hearted jogging while chasing my daughter as usual. I was feeling really disheartened about the lack of support from family and friends so I posted our fundraising page in the Facebook group in a bid to raise a few extra quid. Two hours later we've reached our target, not only that but we're over it, and the encouragement as usual is second to none! I feel so proud to be part of such an amazing group, thank you all so much!

Here is a link to our page if anyone else would like to donate a quid or 2, it is all for a fantastic cause and this is an event that my daughter and I love to be a part of.

I lost my grandparents and sister to cancer and had a scare myself a few years ago.

Help us give cancer the middle finger!

Pic is for any text donations :)

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Sent you a text donation, good luck Trizzy37 and your daughter :)


Aww thank you from both of us :)


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