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strange fix for samsung phone gps problems

I was getting fed up with the total flakiness of my phone's GPS, so I had a hunt on the web, in case there was a software patch. I found this totally surprising advice:

I tried it, took my phone outside and got a fix immediately.

Some important caveats:

* I haven't tried it in proper use yet

* This fix involves the use of what my husband calls a "warranty voiding tool" - ie a screwdriver. Most mobile phone company's really discourage this sort of thing, and I take no responsibility for any damage anyone causes !

No-one seems to know why it works but it seems to. My phone is an S3 mini.

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I look forward to hearing of the complicated running routes this inspires!


Tried this today, and can't say it made a huge difference to the ability of my phone to find the satellites :( but the screws didn't seem particularly loose. Hope it works for you and saves you paying out for a garmin unless you really want one ;)


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