Wk8 Run2 Completed despite stiff calfs

Calfs were really stiff this morning and still have this annoying extra stiffness in my left calf since my fall on wk7 2 weeks ago. Takes about 3 or 4 mins into my run to loosen my calfs after that it's not too bad. I seem to have found a pace that works for me, not going to win any races and these skinny folk are still whizzing past me on the canal tow path and sports field where I run. Still quite pleased with myself managing what was a lot nearer 30 mins than 28 today.

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  • Great stuff, well done! Sorry to hear about your stiff calves though. I suffered with those too, earlier on in the programme. I started doing some calf stretches and the issue largely went away. Well done, and good luck for run three! :-)

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