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Currently at W4R3, but fun run is tomorrow ... wacky idea

So, I started the c25k program too late to be properly ready for the Hook Fun Run (2.5m) tomorrow. I've only done up to (and completed) W4 R2, but I wonder what's the point if I don't take part with my boys.

My cunning plan is to line up the first 3min run for w4 R3 to the start of the fun run and more or less follow Laura. This means I'll be doing some walking, but with my new found confidence in that area (see previous posts), I think I can manage that.

I want to try it, but wonder if it's just silly and I'll get demoralised and embarrassed. Anyone got any good ideas? Oh, BTW since I got back from SFO today, effectively I'll be doing this at 3AM ... so I have plenty of excuses :)

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Sounds very sensible to me. Lots of people do run/walk intervals to extend their distance. I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of people walking at different stages! Good luck - enjoy the run.


Great idea- will be excellent to take part - just remember to go at your own speed (it's very easy to be tempted to set off too fast trying to keep up with the pack ). Have fun and let us know how it goes!


I know the answer is late, hopefully not too late. Go for it. Tell yourself, the pride comes from being out there taking part, how much you run is just a bonus. Make sure you come home with loads of positives. I did it, I ran some of the way, I smiled at everyone, I was there to encourage others, the next run I will run the whole thing , this is just a taster. Most of all have fun. Good luck.


Thank you all for your supportive responses. I did it and it was a blast! I just followed Laura's instructions, and ran a bit more if I felt like it. Didn't feel out of place at all, and loved sharing the experience with my boys and other friends! I did have fun, and recommend this as a way to share the learning to run experience. Thanks again to all the folks on here who tirelessly offer help and support to others. Without the responses above, I might have bottled it. Thanks.


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