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Well, me and my boy (Winston my black lab and running partner) made it through Week 1, although we had to do it 5 times, and embarked on Week 2 this morning. My knees are killing me! I'm a 45 year old lady who is 6.5 stones overweight and although Doc says I can't do any more damage to the meniscus tear I already have in my knee, it sure doesn't feel like it. I play squash with my dad each week and my knees have never felt like this. Seems to be a vicious circle, I don't exercise because it hurts and I eat instead, so then gain more weight, and am back to square one again. I don't want to give up this time, and anyway I quite enjoy saying to myself 'I can run'!! Any tips from anyone greatly appreciated.

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Oh poor you, the curse of the dodgy knees has got you too has it. There are loads of us on here with knee issues. If your doc says it's ok to run and you're not doing damage, then the mantra is RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. For Rest, you could try slipping in an extra rest day between runs to give your body more time to recover. So, 1run every 3days instead of 1run every 2days. Then ice your knees after each run to combat swelling. For Compression, KittyKat on here has just recommended doubled over Tubigrip over the knees when running to give extra support. I'm going to try that tomorrow. Finally, Elevation- put your feet up when you can.

The other really really important thing is to make sure your shoes are exactly right for your running style. I had gait analysis the other day and it really does make a difference to your knees to run in the correct shoes for your gait.

Good luck OhMyDays. Hopefully, with care your knee pain will fade away after a while as your legs get stronger but if not, go back and check with the doc again. In the meantime happy running x


I have dodgy knees too. I have been putting ice gel packs on as often as possible after runs,next day, basically whenever I'm home. It really does help and so does an extra rest day or even two. I have also taken some ibuprofen too. I have tried a knee support too. Just to make sure, I have made an appointment with the physio next week. I know that I have really just repeated what AncientMum has said but it is good advice and don't give up. I'm on week 8 so just take it slow and easy. Good luck


My knees have been giving me jip off and on since the beginning, but lately I have found some stretches that help. I looked on Google at my symptoms but your problem may obviously be different to mine.

It's not only your muscles that have to adjust to running but also the ligaments and tendons. Also, joints like knees produce a lubricating fluid, and it might take a while for them to get used to the new work load. Hopefully you'll find it just gradually settles down. (Excuse if I'm telling you stuff you already know!:-))

At least you have seen a doc already, but maybe go back if you are concerned. I hope you sort it out! :-)


Poor you! The advice is all good stuff, I feel. Please let us know how you're doing (and Winston, of course!).


I was wearing this type of knee support until recently but have been trying to do without it recently. To strengthen my knees I am doing single as well as double leg presses in the gym, and think that my weight loss has helped as well.


Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Off I went this morning with Winston at my side, and my knees weren't too bad. Keep getting cramp down the outside muscles at the front of my legs though, much so that on my right leg my foot starts to curve inwards! Anyhow, I persevered and guess what..................during the 3rd run heard a pop and then agony in my left calf! Hobbled home and on looking it up on t'internet think I've torn the calf muscle!!! Ever think there's greater forces against you...!


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