firstly- apologies for taking up too much C25k blogging space in one day... but I wanted to share...I had something of an epiphany today...

I was dancing in the kitchen with my beautiful 9 year old Amarissa to a song she said she liked called, 'Happy'. We were holding hands, going round and round and bouncing up and down. It was a very very happy moment seeing her grinning, feeling the rush of dancing and I sudenly remembered....

From early GCSE and then A level ( both at Cornwall college at a later age because I was de-schooled) I went dancing. Nothing taught but just clubbing. I remembered going to 'The Twighlight Zone' and just totally losing myself ... I used to ask the DJ to announce, 'if anyone is going back to Falmouth, can they give these girls a lift?" totally innocently as we missed the last train...and they did...

THEN: At Art School in Falmouth I went to an Art School club called Viktor Drago's...I never drank alcohol, or drugs. I went there totally to dance and I would lose myself completely. Then a very late stroll home and work at Salisburys hand bags in the morning... :)

As a child age 12 in secondary ( just before I was de-schooled) I did cross country running. The only reason I liked it ( I was always last) was so I could hitch my skirt up and show my knickers to the boys...thats about the length of my running enjoyment!!!

Nurse training in Bristol: Went to a dreadful club called,'Ritzy's' with my best mate Lyndsay and we got there when it opened and we danced and danced...yes we got chatted up, but I really WASN'T INTERESTED as we were there to dance...no alcohol etc. That feeling of losing yourself in the music completely is thrilling...

In the nurses home I remember dancing up and down the corridoor with Lins to my favourite track, 'Move any mountain' by The Shamen for hours......

Then I got married in 1995 and it went.

Now I have found running, and I have found the passion again..that same rush, the thrill, the losing yourself completely ( avec Juicyju mid run dance). Right...I think I need to go out dancing...

Thanks for listening...I feel better now, like therapy :)


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25 Replies

  • Oh I love boogying on down. Anywhere any place. I was at a party the other week and I noticed that the ladies were completely on their own on the dance floor, all doing barmy dancing and losing themselves in the music. The men were lined up around the edge just gawping, like fish out of water. Live band and a disco and it was just fab. I noticed that when a really old record came on all the young lasses went crackers on it and were singing along for all they were worth. The Foundations, "Build me up Buttercup" Join me anyone

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaay donchya build me uuppppppppppppppppp Buttercuuuuuuuuuuuuuup

    baby .................

  • You too... Time to go dancing:)

    Those men are whips!!!


  • Oh whoops I meant wimps but left it anyway ;)

  • Nope, you meant whips!

  • Wow, yes MissW, I remember it too.

  • Right hold on, in coming out with you. I Used to love clubbing and early rave sene in the late 80s early 90s too. And so know what you mean about getting that same rush from running too.

    Just gets more complicated now we're a bit older, but no less fun.

    Brilliant cross country activity too

    Happy running

  • I knew you'd understand... Right... Time to go clubbing!!!

  • Now I know why I love you to bits, you were just like me 20 years or more later though. I went clubbing not to get drunk just to dance, sometimes until 4.00 in the morning, home for 2 hours sleep and up again for another day at work. I wasn't fussy about the music so long as it was fast to dance to, none of that smooching slow stuff for me. My hubby often comes into the kitchen and catches me bopping about, you would think as an adult now retired I would have grown out of it but who says you have to!?! Yep JuJu I thick that's why I love running too, you can stride along to the rhythm and lose yourself in the beat :) Happy running and well done on your race today. :)

  • Is that the Twilight Zone in Redruth- or Ruther's (aka). I lived in Helston from 87 to 93 and it was a regular haunt of mine. As well as the Barn (PZ) and the infamous Matlow paradise- the Lady Street!! Never too old to dance! Oh and that song 'Happy' has a brilliant youtube video of a girl doing Northern soul in Bristol City Centre. I did my nursing course at Plymouth Uni (Taunton Campus) no longer Nursing!! Keep on dancing - running living life to the max!!

  • There are. Bazillion youtube videos featuring that song. I like the one with the surfing cat.

  • I know- I love that song and great to run too! Just thought that one relevant to the dancing topic and running in Bristol -all part of an Epiphany moment! Off to look at the surfing cat now... anything to avoid the work in hand!! :)

  • It clicked for me a couple of days ago .... running makes me feel free! That's why I love it so much. In a deep psychological way, I wonder what I'm running from?!?!

  • do you know what stuck in all this, you danced at place I am familiar with , what a small world

  • Me too JJ love love love dancing -any type except the Bump Was Preggie when it came out and not very well and have just never got the hang of it But Disco, jive , swing, ballroom , Latin , arms flailing all over the place in fact almost anything -just bring it on Goodness you've really put me in the mood for good bop

  • Ooh you've taken me back with The Shamen! Well I'll add 808 Pacific State, Bizarre Inc - Playing with Knives (with vocals), Patti Day - Right Before My Eyes etc. I could go on.... :) today's music is just not the same! The illegal raves - awaiting instructions at petrol stations or car parks - definitely another time & era! Though I love dancing I'm not sure I should be dancing much in public! Happy Running. X

  • The moment I knew c25k was for me was about 3 weeks in, when I found myself keeping up on the dance-floor all night with six Essex ladies. I thought we knew how to party in Ireland but my goodness these ladies were on another level entirely! I hadn't danced like that in years and it felt terrific!! Wouldn't have been able for it but for the programme. Great to hear you're rediscovering another passion too :)

  • Oh yes there's nothing like a good boogie , letting go & boogieing the night away .

  • Yay, lovely post. It's too easy to get caught up worrying about everything. Dancing (and running!) are great ways to remember the simple pleasures in life :-)

  • Yessir! We can boogie. Thank you for such a wonderful post - it certainly brings back memories and I will probably get the records out (yes, I do still have a vinyl collection) and have a bop round the boat! Thank you for sharing. Cheers.

  • Being a bloke I HATE DANCING! Mainly because I'm so sh** at it and end up looking like I'm having some sort of heart attack as I stumble around the dance floor, arms flailing and legs a-kimbo! HOWEVER, that said, I thought your post was sooooo brilliant. How running has opened the big Juicyju door to a world of happiness and fun, of freedom and lightness- which is a beautiful thang.

    I remember when I was in my 20's and playing in a rock band as lead guitarist and singer and I invited some work colleagues to come and see me play a pub in Hammersmith. I was going to be a rock star. A muso. A babe magnet. When I came off stage and asked one of the attractive lady colleagues what she'd though of the show she said "You shouldn't dance as much Dan. You looked like you had a live electrical cable up your arris!" Alas, I never made it as a rock star.........! :-)

  • Harsh, really really harsh. You could have been a contender..........

  • I know, but on a good note I'm still alive! Not sure I'd have survived a Keith Richards lifestyle.....hahaha!

  • Check out all the you tube videos of people around the world dancing to Happy. Start with Jamaica. Really nice fun. Everyone looks so....well, happy.

  • I love dancing and completely get where you're coming from, rekindling that feeling of being 21 in 1990, losing yourself and dancing like no-one is watching. No wonder my 'feelgood' running playlist includes Pacific 808, The Shamen etc - they don't make 'em like they used to - running to music you want to dance to helps you run freeeeee....

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