Forth Eorlingas!!!!

Good luck on the front line troops. Don't let your guard down just because it's the weekend - we need every man, woman and child on the side of the allies.

Back to the source of the originals - a quick start on the battlefield tomorrow.

Please remember the battle is purely with the heinous nhs, not people or aliens of any ethnic/religious/planetary/literary background. Sorry also to innocent creatures in baby buggies - they know not what they do.

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20 Replies

  • I think you might be on the wrong blog?

  • juicyju, I think it may be vice versa but do join us in the fight if you so wish. New troops are always welcome.

  • Dozzer has taken up the C25k challenge and (I assume) sees it as a battle between his sleepy (dozz..) persona and what he sees as the forces of the NHS trying to get him fitter by "subjecting" him to their running programme.

    Or I could have missed the point entirely...

    Over to you Dozzer19 (are there 18 others we need to watch out for ?)

  • Very astute, corporal running, nail on the head.

  • Poppypug, no excuses like that. Get out there. I'll have words with the old boy and get him to do it himself. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile.

  • Alas my defensive line of chocolate digestives have all been eaten but I have my faithful battle dog on guard. I am still at rest to ensure my next attack is strong I am fortifying myself with ice cream and earl grey tea while drawing up the battle plans. I think we have the evil on the run for now but we must remain strong.

  • Ice cream! Earl Grey! This is not a holiday camp you know.

  • Be careful with your choice of words for it's 'that' time of the lunar cycle and I have swords. Ice cream and earl grey tea are a powerful restorative.

    I have sent battle bunnies forth to scout ahead.

  • Mmmmmm, ice cream! Wish I'd read this before the detour to Tesco (only got milk, it was all we needed then, but now you've mentioned ice cream........)

  • Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream. It's raspberry pavlova ice cream

  • Ooooh, fancy ice cream! At the moment a Mr Whippy 99 would go down an absolute treat!

  • Update: Tesco are delivering a pot of cornish vanilla between 9 and 10am tomorrow morning, must remember to be back from my run by then!

  • :D

  • As long as they're Lindt bunnies that's OK.

  • Dozzer, what have you done? Lunar cycles? Ice cream? You do know don't you, that sooner or later you will have to tell us how the running is going? Unless it's hidden in secret Elvish language & me, being mere mortal, I have missed the true meaning of these strange writings.

  • Ahh!? I have to run as well as rally the troops do I? I've still got to plan tomorrow's manoeuvres. (It's coming on by the way.) By the way, you've been promoted to lieutenant.

  • I've just come back from battle & you've made me roar (with laughter). As lieutenant should I have to wait behind the rest of the men (my daughter) to do my ablutions (shower)? There has been a cunning plot afoot & she sneaked in afore me. (Glad the running is coming on.)

  • Lieutenant Waletta, I recommend you send your mere aide-de-camp out for another twenty sweaty laps round the park.

  • Another twenty sweaty laps? You think? Not on your Nelly. This is a deserter, well she would be if she had ever joined this army. (very supportive of old mum though.) Have routed the non combatant & have now washed off the blood & gore of the day. Now to settle on my palliasse for the night. Reveille at dawn then!

  • Very gracious of you Lieutenant. She's a very lucky private.

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