Couch to 5K

Week 8, Run 3 Complete... 4.78km run today... See you next week 5k!

Just back in from W8R3 and this time I started MapMyRun up when I started running and stopped at the warm down. As tempted as I was to run the extra minute or so to make 5k, I stuck "to the programme" and I look forward to running 5k in 30 minutes next week... and doing my graduation run as a Parkrun!

To think that I've never run before and I've only been running 8 weeks - this programme really is amazing!

Good luck to all of you - Laura knows we can do it! :)

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The programme is amazing but only because you put the effort into it in the first place. All power to you for sticking to the programme when it was tempting to go the extra minute or so. You'll get your reward next week. Enjoy your graduation week, good luck with the next run and best wishes.


Thanks! I didn't want to risk pulling a muscle or something in that last stretch and putting myself out of action! Laura hasn't let me down so far... 24 runs under my belt so far and it's worked until now... why risk change!? :)

Next week will be interesting with a few treadmill runs and then hopefully a Parkrun to finish the week... I just need to remember not to take off at top speed at the start of the Parkrun! :)


There is a post today (a graduation post) where this point was specifically mentioned - and it seems so easy to take off in the enthusiastic atmosphere of an 'event'. You seem to have your head screwed on right about this though. I want to see your graduation post - not an injury one. Cheers.


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