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Rest Days - is Audio Fuel a good way to go

Ive found something I can down load called Audio Fuel, wondering if its a good idea for my rest days, as their is a speed walking section and thinking I could maybe speed walk on rest days ( once my knee mends ! ouchie )

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Audiofuel is great but I'd suggest doing something different (ie lower 'impact') on your rest days to give you a more rounded programme - how about NHS Strength and Flexibility podcasts? Or swimming or cycling or yoga (I like Ekhart Yoga which you can find free versions on YouTube)


I walk every day I'm not running - I don't have a car - and I found the Audiofuel Walk in the Park with Coaching to be very good. It's taught me to walk much faster than I used to which is great for getting around. Wait until your knee is better though.

Audiofuel do the backing music for all the C25K podcasts and, when you graduate, you might look into getting some of their running music.


thanks guys, my knee is somewhat better but decided on another rest day to be sure. I have already thought the strenth and flexibility podcasts are for me for now but I do like the look of Auto fuel and will look more into that later. My 1st priority should be kidnapping a half smart kid to sort out my mp3 and phone, hate technology !


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