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Love/Hate Relationship with HRM

So - I love gadgets so I usually head out with the phone/GPS (Laura by my side and in my ear of course) and a heart rate monitor strapped to my chest. Lately though I've found I'm developing an aversion to the HRM as I now spend time analysing my heart rate post run.

The problem is that now on the longer runs I'm finding I'm spending more time in "High Intensity" and "Race Pace" than in "Endurance" zones... Given that those "Max HR" calculations are quite clearly not a one size fits all solution and given I'm not running a marathon at a level of 182 BPM (I'm 41) I know this isn't a really good indication for me to slow down. I never feel like I'm about to pass out or collapse while I'm out and although I'm keeping myself "warm and sweaty" and pushing myself a bit it's never caused me any problem... I also did a proper stress test a few years back in hospital (can't remember the max rate though) and cardiology wise I'm "good to go"...

Which is where the "hate" bit about the HRM comes in. I shouldn't worry about it, but of course you tend to when you can look back at all the stats... :)

So - I've decided to focus now soley on how quickly I recover and I have found that my HR drops by 20-30BPMs in about 2-3 minutes after I've finished my run. That to me is the "good bit"...

Anyone else find themselves going crazy over statistics like me?

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I've got the heart rate monitor with my garmin , I've never used it , don't think I'd know how to lol


I bought a HRM when I started the programme. Wore it twice, and then decided it was too much hassle. At the time I didn't think of max hear rate or anything like that, was just trying to get a feel for how many calories I was burning (dissapointingly few, as it turned out).

But now that you mention it... it sounds quite interesting to analyse... I can easily see how it can become a bit of an obsession.


I have a HRM that I bought with my Garmin FR110 but only used it once every 3 months or so. However I now have a Garmin Vivofit which I have paired with my HRM and I do find its quite useful tracking my HR when doing exercise classes, I only wear it now and again but its good to see how well my rate comes back down also how my fitness is improving although that will become more accurate over more time and work. Its just not good to get hung up on these things, I tend to forget I've got mine on too.


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