Couch to 5K

Repeating C25K

Now that I have finished the programme - I have started doing a "long run" each week, increasing by 1klm per week until I get to 18 klm - as preparation for the 14K Sydney City to Surf in August. However, I intend to do this as a run/walk with a ratio around 2/1. I am not going to even try to run 14K non-stop ( I may be old - but I'm not stoopid!! :) )

But I do like the 5K Parkruns - and although I "can" run the full 5ks non-stop in 35 minutes, I have decided to repeat the C25K programme - only this time I will only do 2 days of it per week and I will put a lot more effort and energy into the runs. During the first time, I was anxious about being able to complete each week and took it gently. This time I will put more effort into it - and feel that I will be able to do this. In many respects, it will be like doing an extended version of the "SPEED" podcast.

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Thanks for posting! Please update us on what worked for you in regards to repeating the entire program with a different focus. I am almost done with week 8. I'm very proud of myself, but I'm very slow. So I'm thinking of repeating the entire program again (after I complete week 9), but this time focusing on energy and speed instead of doubt and amazement like the first time. Thoughts?


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