There's allways sumat !

Just had to end a run after ten mins because of sore hip , I've had a bit of soreness same side in back on & off but not while moving only when sat , ten mins in the soreness struck but hip area , like it's moved ! . I seem to remember somebody posting about a similar prob a few days ago . Any advice folks ? Just as I was getting going again too .


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  • Oh Rockette! Darn it! I think you'll be ok though. I think it's fleeting rather than something that is gonna stick. Lisen at me! Doctor Wobble!!

    I got a sore hip the other day, and low back ache, but it was ok after running for a bit. I think mine was down to walking the dog on rough ground the other day and bloomin Jillian Michaels!

    Do you think it could be something other than running that set it off?

  • Just wondering , if it was cycling , but don't think so , been doing a lot on rest days but wouldn't I have felt it during the cycling . ? I stopped with the run straight away & it's easing a bit now . But going to rest a few days & see . Bloody pig sick !!!

  • Could be me mentioning it... I've never had back or hip issues before (other than a bit of general back ache after gardening etc) but following a groin strain (and one single attempt at a run after that) it all 'moved' into being mostly centred around hip and lower back problems now. Today my lower back is killing me and I've done nothing bar get out of bed, get dressed and sit at my desk at home to work. Yesterday I did a very gently 20 min walk to post-office and back and as soon as I started walking the pain in my hip (front corner) started, then, by the end of the walk I also had aching down the front of that leg and into lower back.

    I'm at a loss as to what is causing mine - the physio is struggling too but thinks it may be back related. I have no idea though how I can start off with a pulled muscle in groin and then I get all this! (I posted more detail earlier today, you'll probably see that in the current posts)

  • Hi astilla I've just replied to one of your post before I saw this , it's maddening isn't it , best of it is I was going great guns for ten mins not a bad pace for me 6.30 n & it just come ! Bloody sick a my body lol

  • There's an interesting article on runners world about hips I am keeping an eye on mine because it has been an area of weakness since Feb - pulled it skiing and it's bothered me off and on ever since. Rest and ibuprofen were my chosen approach initially. I had to miss about a week for it to recover. I am still feeling it intermittently though so I am wondering if it might be bursitis. I am doing yoga/tai chi/pilates to strengthen core and glute muscles which is supposed to help. Hope yours clears up it's so frustrating when your body lets you down! I do sympathise.

  • It's strange , never had hip prob before & it's like gone from my back to the hip . I' resting now a few days & only walking the dog .thanks for your reply & hope all keeps well .

  • I don't do tablets as a rule but I took Ibufren for my dodgy ankle a few weeks ago and it was marvellous. Just took one before bed, your body is at rest then, and it was brilliant the following day

  • Yeah just took two. I think it is only fleeting like u said earlier. I've been doing quite a bit of heavy work this wk too , lifting carrying etc that ant helped .

  • Try hip flexer exercises (pilates ones are good) to strengthen your hips. I did these every day and also before and after runs and found that it helped me a lot with a hip niggle I'd had. Good luck and hope you're back to fitness soon.

  • Thanks cheeryrunner , I'll take a look at those.

  • Another vote for Pilates hip flexor & piriformis stretches. Brilliant for hips, pelvis, sciatica and all things lumbar ...

  • Another vote her for the hip flexer exercises - but don't just save them for before and after runs. Try doing them morning and evening for a couple of weeks (they are simple stretches, it won't take long). I found my sore hip cleared once I did them for two weeks or so. Now I try to do them at least once a week, just to keep things supple.

  • Aha! Pilates!!! Could that be the guilty party Rockette?????

  • Doubt it lol , only did it once about a month back . It was hard !

  • I wondered cos my sis recently trapped a nerve in her neck during a pilates class. Ooops. Ouch

    Hope you soon feel better!!!! Can't have you lolling about on the couch! Misswobble backs off towards door ............

  • Ha ha I hope I'm not stuck on the bloody couch again ! Got a brand new bike on it's way .

  • I had a sore hip the other day. It ached deeply if you know what i mean. I still did my run and afterwards it was fine but I really stretched just in case. I haven't had any further problems with it thankfully xxx

  • No I couldn't run with this , it's a really deep , not pain , not even a ache it's really sore

  • Hi Rockette, I had a sore hip a few weeks ago, took a week off running and rested with ibuprofen x3 a day. I also started to do stretching exercises each day, started running again last week doing stretching before and after run, so far so good no more problems and I ran for 33 mins yesterday. Good luck x

  • Thanks denisebro , I'm resting from running a few days now , I couldn't run anyway with this , it's not as bad today but it's still there .

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