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I'm convinced it's right, but I still feel bad

I posted on Sunday about what a busy weekend I have had. Last Thursday I set a personal best at 5k, then I went for a long cycle ride on Saturday (I bike around town, but I've not done anything properly energetic on the bike before), and then on Sunday went for a longer-than-usual run. All went well, and I felt the usual slightly worn but in the "a day off will put it right" kind of way. I got up this morning after a full day off feeling largely recovered, but one of my quads is feeling a bit out of sorts. My logical mind says, "don't go out today because you had a big weekend, and don't overdo things". The problem is, I have agreed to dinner with an old friend tomorrow evening and Thursday evening I'm travelling straight after work for the long weekend. If I don't go out today, I won't be able to go out again until Friday. I want to do a Parkrun on Saturday (I don't live near one, but I will be for the Easter weekend, so want to take advantage of the opportunity). If I take today off, that really means taking the whole week off, which feels pretty lazy to me. My logical brain says, "if you go out today and do yourself some harm, taking a week off running will be the least of your worries". I still feel bad, though.

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I think your logical mind is right. But if you couldl manage a walk tonight or between work and your meal tomorrow, then you wouldn't be able to call yourself lazy. Or if your legs feel fully recovered tomorrow then you could fit a short run in - say 20 mins. (Although maybe there won't be time before your meal tomorrow).

Even if you don't run for a week, you won't lose much fitness and might be pleasantly surprised at how much fresher you feel after a little break, and better to have a week off than to be out of action for longer because of injury.


Far from lazy. You maybe do need a few days rest and this might be the wisest course of action (or non-action as the case may be) in this situation. I agree with the above post - you could feel refreshed after a few days rest and relaxation so nothing at all to feel bad about. Good luck and best wishes.


I agree with the above you are not lazy. Maybe a brisk walk tomorrow and Friday. Then go for your Park run- it will be great if you can. Take it easy and just enjoy it x


Thanks for your supportive words. I'm not going to be totally inactive as I'm still on the bike for 20 minutes each day (my ride to work is 10 minutes each way), and resting this evening I feel a whole lot better. I might manage 20 minutes or so after work tomorrow, but it's not the end of the world if I don't.


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