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Cant stop smiling :)

wow I am so pleased with myself, just completed w4r2 what a difference! After really struggling at times over the last few weeks and having to take a week off due to illness I am really seeing a difference. I'm not out of breath as much and when I am, I am recovering much quicker. Today's run was difficult to start with and took me a while to get into my stride but come my last 5 minutes of running I didn't want to stop. So not sure if it was the right thing or not but I kinda zoned out on Laura telling me that's it slow down and I ran for a further 2 more minutes and it felt good! I couldn't help myself, my legs wanted to keep going :D

For someone that really struggled to run a minute at the start I am beaming from ear to ear!

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Well done you.

I need to learn to do that zoning out instead of my current 'where the hell are you Laura?' :-)


Thank you! I have to say I too am normally saying come on Laura pipe up where are ya but I was in a positive mood this morning. Lets hope it continues :-)


Well done on a great run and seeing the benefits since starting the programme. No wonder you're smiling. Good luck with your final run of week 4. Best wishes.


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