Announcement: This morning on the side of a hill with a NE wind blowing directly at her, Mamajed arrived home, and thus completed W9R3. Earlier that morning, the bathroom scales pronounced she was no longer obese but overweight. Nervously, stepping out and "pushing through the pain", she made it back to the doggy-bin, from where she had set out 30 mins earlier, running all the way.........

Deeply grateful to all at the NHS for creating this excellent programme, and to all the posts along the way that have answered so many questions and given me so many laughs and encouragements.


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28 Replies

  • Well done on your graduation and don't forget to request your graduate badge mamajed. What a wonderful day you have had, your weight loss is such an achievement, congratulations on both successes :)

  • Hoorah! well done mamajed with your graduation and weight loss. Enjoy your running and keep posting x

  • Thanks no-excuse. Anticipating the freedom of my first Graduate Run on Monday!

  • Many thanks Oldgirl - I have just requested my badge! It is only just sinking in what I have achieved.

  • Way to go Mama! You must be seriously chuffed with yourself. I bet you can't stop grinning.

    If you keep up the running, which I'm sure you will now you have the bug, then the weight will come off faster as you tackle longer distances. You just increase a tiny bit each run so you barely notice the difference. Your body does though and the scales will confirm it

    So, happy running. Keep going now you've cracked Couch!

  • Hi again misswobble - yes I think I have the chuffed bug - but what a nice one to have!

  • Well done!! I'm just one run behind you and I'm also anticipating what to do next. It's great being able to run non-stop for that time isn't it? And what to do next? Decisions, decisions... Enjoy your next stage of running!

  • All the very best for your last run - well you know what I mean - I'm sure its not going to be your last! As for the voices - had a real battle with those today - you made me laugh with all the things stopping you get out of the door - checking this that and the other. This morning, I just got hold of myself and said "GO". So you too - "GO"

  • Thanks! I'm easily distracted from the task at hand (any task!) and I do have to force myself out. Always feel good on the return though! Hoping better weather will make it easier to get out that door - blue skies are definitely more appealing. Next run, I will try to think GO and just go! Hope you have got some kind of treat planned for having reached the end of the programme...

  • Well done Mamajed. I will look out for your graduate badge. Thanks for your support too. Congratulations

  • Looking out for your posts next week........ almost there!

  • Will look out for your posts too - I like to see what everyone chooses to do next!

  • Congratulations mamajed you've earned that graduation badge so go and claim it.

  • Thanks Doodle 1 - a quiet but great day for me!

  • Congratulations on your achievements x

  • Thanks kickibro - I'm sitting here with a smile of contentment on my face - letting today sink in.

  • Well done.

    Your story and others like you give me the encourgement to complete the task.

  • Thanks runner 56. I just took 1 run at a time, if I had not been able to continue through to the end of the course, I would still have counted that as an achievement wherever I got to. Getting off the couch was the most important move!

  • Congratulations :)

  • Thanks ZoomZoom

  • Congratulations !! Weight will drop off in no time doing 30 mins + 3 or 4 times a week. Good luck! :)

  • Thanks carole01

  • Well done and congratulations. Enjoy your graduation. Best wishes.

  • Just beginning to enjoy it..... feeling a sense of achievement creeping in! Many thanks Fitmo

  • That's fantastic! Well done. It feels great to drop out of the obese banding doesn't it :D Keep on running x

  • Couldn't agree more...... there are a few of us around who knows what it takes! I think it was that, that I thought about most as I ran! I was so pleased & it has spurred me on to keep up the hard work of dieting and exercise.

  • well done you, great achievement, especially the weight loss, thats fantastic!!

  • Thanks juicyju!

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