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running 2 consecutive days ?

As I have iffy knees, I've been really scrupulous about keeping to rest days. But I'm doing jantastic, and sometimes fitting the 3 runs round my other commitments can be a challenge, especially if I'm thrown off by something (illness or whatever)

At what point does it become OK to run 2 days in a row ? I assume it would be sensible to make both of them short, and maybe run on a knee-friendly surface ? I finished c25k 2 weeks ago, so I'm still a real novice at this !

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I think this is very much up to the individuals fitness level and injury record, I know for me that the answer is possibly 'Never' my older legs need the rest days to bounce back or I end up hurting for days and that stops me from running for three or four days at a time, as you already have iffy knees you do run the risks of injury


I've run two days in a row since starting jantastic and have been fine, for me it's about making sure at least one of them (preferably the first one) is low intensity/short distance. As always, listen to your body, as mummysaurus says it's an individual thing.


Running 2 consecutive days is not Not doable! Its only a recommendation for new runners to have a rest day between. The thing to do is try it, take your second run easy and listen to your body, at the first sign of any problem drop your speed and go into a walk if you have to. Do plenty of stretches after each run and make sure you are well hydrated. If you find two days in a row is hard on your body take an extra rest day, perhaps go swimming or do some other form of exercise. If you are normally fit and active you probably will find its OK for you.


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