How C25K Changed my life

I started C25K in August last year. I was not fat ( I told myself) I was just immensely unfit. In fact I was overweight, and could not climb a flight of stairs without the feeling I was about die from heart failure. I was a firstime mom and had taken the view that it was all about baby and no time for myself was normal. Exercise was the thing DH did, never in a million years would you see me huffing on the streets anyway.

So when I visited my doc and realised I had put on 3 stones after having the baby I got a kick up my behind. I remembered I had heard a friend who had lost weight mention c25k when I had asked her how she did it. So I Googled it and found the podcast on iTunes. Perfect it was free. Problem was that I

had developed symptoms of SAD - seasonal affective disorder and was in no way going to go out to run in the dark.

So guess what? I bought a stationary bike and did the training on the podcasts to the letter on that bike. Nine weeks later I had done it. I was so much more fit and felt I could take on anything because my muscles were stronger and because I'd used the bike I had not placed strain on my joints with extra weight. This new me was a stone lighter and had new vision with my family being more healthy and active. No more couch potatoes living in my house.

But deep down I felt I'd cheated by biking. So this January I decided to give running outside a go. I went out on a Saturday and within five minutes of running I had to turn back my lungs were in a state. I felt as if I had placed a trailer right on top of them. But this time I knew what to do I got my phone out and downloaded the nhs c25k Podcast onto it. The next four weeks I did the training but I started from week four and instead of three days did them five days a week as I had a base level of fitness that kept calling me to get up and go.

I went on to have my second graduation in February this time when she said you're a runner now! I got teary eyed recalling the couch potato of last year. Last night I ran five miles non stop for the first time and I'm elated now as I can jog and keep up with DH. Although I do love my morning runs as they are no doubt the best mom time for me where I can just let go all my anxiety and stress built up during the week.

If you're reading this as someone considering c25k I have to say go for it. It gently welcomes you into a new life and it's a decision you'll be glad you made now.


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  • What a fantastic post! It means a lot for another mum to go through a similar thing that I'm going through. It's confirmation that the programe does work. I just have to keep on doing it. Even if I find it tough at times. :-D

  • It really does work, keep at it. it's the best gift you can give youself. Running isn't fun but the life it gives you is totally worthwhile

  • Really fab and well done :) Good on you.

  • Brilliant. it gives many of us such motivation.

  • I'm glad you're motivated.happy running!

  • Loved reading your post, it's 6.30 am and haven't run for now 3 weeks after getting to week 6, now worried how hard it will be to get back in there....your post has helped -find your space in your head and just do it..thank u, and well done on such a strong effort:)

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