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Please can someone help me im about to give it all up! Its taken me nearly 2 years but can finaly say ive graduated can run 5k in 40 mins not great know the speed will come in time however last 5k run was 15 days ago outside in my old faithful trainers I decided to reward myself with some karimor running shoes for "normal" feet as recommended by nice chappy in sports direct- last 4 runs have been horrendous legs feel like lead weighs like I have no energy to lift my legs my heels and toes hurt aswell as my shins my food hasnt changed nor anything else other than the shoes I cant understand why :( do I fight with the shoes and risk giving up or are the shoes not correct for me? Many thanks!

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  • I would go back to the shop and discuss with them what has happened. I don't think you should be feeling worse - unless perhaps you are harbouring an illness which hasn't quite emerged.

    PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP! You'll regret it if you stop now. You can run 5k and the speed will come in time, but it will be a shame if you stopped now. Go back to Sports Direct and seek help there!

  • No don't carry on with those shoes take them back to the shop and explain the problems you have with them, it sounds as if they are not giving your feet the correct support. Try a short run in your old faithful shoes too it may just restore your confidence. Now that you are running longer distances you may need to invest in a good pair of running shoes, look for a specialist running shop in your area, they will check your gait and you can often pick up a good pair of shoes reduced because they are last years style. Don't despair and don't give up you have worked too hard to let this beat you down. :)

  • It's hard to answer fully as we don't know what shoes you have bought. If you could let us know then that might give us something to go on. It would be a shame to pack up just over shoes when it could be easily fixed

  • do give up your time will go down just turn off and enjoy the run ,take the shoes back they dont sound right go on the web site type in neutrail running shoe and write down what r good for you they allways try and sell you karris they own the it good luck

  • Please dont give up, you will be so fed up if you do. Agree with the above posts. If you do go and get a proper gait analysis done, I'm sure when I went to sweatshop, they said they give you 30 days to try out your new shoes, and you can take them back for a full refund if you are not happy.

  • It has to be the shoes. I agree with everyone else. Take them back to the shop and have a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop. Don't give up now though!

  • It is dismaying when you get what you think are proper shoes that you try on in the shop and then they are just horrible. It happened to me... however, fortunately I had bought them from Sweatshop who had explicitly said I could bring them back muddy, and I love the ones I exchanged them for. Obviously a generous policy like that is reflected in the prices but (fuel costs aside) a pair of shoes that I couldn't use, or even worse, which stopped me running, would have been worse.

  • What is the weight of these new shoes - as compared to your old shoes??

  • I can sympathise with your prediciment. I had completed a 5k and to reward myself I went to a shop called Pure running, got a gait analysis done and was told I over pronate. I bought a pair for £85 and found after a week that I couldnt run. I had heavy legs and calf cramps etc. I brought them back to the shop but as I unfortunately had lost the receipt they said there was nothing they could do! I give my legs a rest for about a week then started using my old faithful shoes and am running fine again. However Im annoyed at being out of pocket £85 after going to a specialist running shop! but most importantly DON'T GIVE UP - YOU HAVE COME THIS FAR!

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