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Want to start - but my knees give me trouble, advice please!!!!

Hi, I'd love to start this program for many reasons, but I am really worried about my knees. They are quite weak and click alot - as do my ankles. Can anyone give me any advice? Should I just start and stop if they give me trouble, or should I work on building up their strength before running?

Any suggestions gratefully received :)

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The NHS Livewell site has some exercises for knees which definately help. Mine make a noise like a packet of crisps most of the time, but with the right insoles they're fine. If you give it a go, then get them checked at the first sign of trouble. Also observe the rest days.


I have trouble with one of my knees and wear a support when I am running.When I started last year I had masses of problems but mainly with muscles. Getting new running shoes sorted that but I went to Run 4 It where they video you on a treadmill then recommend suitableshoes. (I think other places do it as well.)

On the advice of the person who leads the Jogscotland group I go to, I also started doing strength exercises at the gym and that has made a massive difference to all of my muscles, which of course helps with the joints.

I would just start slowly but if you have big problems then stop before you injure yourself and look at ways to improve your strength.


Thankyou for your replies :) I'll start and take notice of what my body says!! I would like to get my gait tested but I don't want to feel like I have to buy their expensive trainers after - I can't afford it. I'm hoping that if I get a reasonable branded pair from sports direct which are suitable for high arches - my feet, then I will be ok to start with.


I did that! I had painful knees so thought I would start the programme by running on trails, rather than the road, to make life easier on the old knees. I got some cheapo trail shoes from sd. They are dead comfy straight out the box. My knees ached for a bit til I got used to running regularly

You will only be running for very short periods, so go for it!


HI kathyjg

sore knees are horrible when you are running especially when you can feel the clicking.

you could try these

1 take krill oil to improve joint fluid

2 maybe you need to change your runners to reduce impact

3 get checked out by a sports therapist who can give you some tips on running technique

4 wear knee supports whilst building leg strength

5 build leg strength to protect your knees (check out ptprograms.com.au where you can download free exercise programs)

hope it gets better for you but be careful to cause any permanent damage


I suffered with my knees but found that a double layer of tubigrip when running was a big help. I also sat with an ice pack on my left one, for half an hour afterwards, however, by far the greatest difference was made by getting a pair of running shoes. I went to SD and got a pair of Karrimoors and they are just fantastic, comfortable and very supportive (and not very expensive either). Also an occasional application of volterol helps too.

What is important though is to listen to what your body is telling you. If there is no improvement as you become more used to running then you should go and talk to your GP rather than just persevering and risking doing more damage.


Oh thank you so much everyone for taking the time to reply :-) I am going to get myself a pair of trainers from sd, and start on Monday if they arrive by then!


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