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Aack! School Holiday!

I totally didnt remember this week has 3 days off from school (Glasgow) until Friday. My plan was to get my little guy some sneakers (as somehow he currently only has school shoes and a pair of boots) and let Laura tell us what to do via the speaker. He can surely run along with wk1 and we can finish up at the playground ? But oh my, he has embraced the idea of holiday, doesn't want to get dressed much less go out, not even in his new shoes!

Well, we are off anyway, this may be the sunniest patch of the 3 days, mustnt waste it.

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Good luck :-) I am trying to work out what to do next week when our schools are off. Hoping I can convince my 10 year old to come out with me either on his bike or I suspect he could power walk as fast as I jog.


I'm in the same boat, I have a 10 year old son and 6 year old daughter ... my main concern is will I have enough breath to shout at them if needs be? .... we'll see!


Glasgow represent! Luckily my two are older (11 and 15) so can me left to their own devices whilst I go and do my thing in the park for half an hour. So that means I have no excuse not to do run 3 of week 6 tomorrow. 25 minutes fo veeery slow running. Good luck getting yours to run, mine just look at me with that look that only the dear darlings can give a mother when I ask if they fancy coming for a run with me.


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