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Unexpected bonus :D

My clothes feel different this week, they still fit but they just feel different... weighed myself, not much change there so got the old measuring tape out and lo and behold, I've lost a whole 3" off my hips!! This is without any drastic changes in diet and no other form of exercise, this is purely from c25k for 5 weeks, I embarked on this just to try and get a bit fitter and tbh weight loss hasn't been a deciding factor but it is definitely a bonus! Looking in the mirror, which I rarely do, there is definite musculature and shaping going on around the bum and thighs, woo hoo!!

On another note, I am growing to dislike rest days more and more, it's a glorious and beautiful day, I'm feeling enthused and energetic, the kids are at school and I would love to go for a run, w5r2 is calling me but it's technically a rest day. I'm sure I could do it without any issues but laura has been good to me for the last 4 weeks and I don't want to stray from her advice!

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That is wonderful. You could always do some stretches and exercises at home during non run days. . I keep telling people this but not doing it much myself! Imagine what you'll be like at week 9.


Congrats on the measurements! I'm pleased I'm now 36" waist, a not a 40"!!

I found rest days really frustrating - and especially as there were technically 4 rest days and only 3 running days in a week. I occasionally did two running days back to back... which didn't seem to do me any harm, but probably ill advised during C25K - by definition we're not fit/conditioned yet.

See the recent post on foam rollers - buy one and spend a good half an hour on your rest day pulverising your muscles, then do some stretching, core work, planks, etc... you'll be doing yourself good, but not overtraining with high impact running. Or go for a swim.

See Tiffany Rothe for some fierce youtube workouts - my wife loves her... calls her "The B**ch!"

Stick with it - the danger is overuse injuries that can creep up on you. I think it's accurate to say that you don't get fitter running, you get fitter when you're resting.


You could go out and do the stretch and flex plan on your rest days - it's easier going and they say it's fine to do on your rest days :) I've just started doing it and I'm enjoying it.

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Congratulations on the size change. Funny how you don't seem to change weight, but clothes start to feel a little looser.

Take it easy with your rest days. It is all too easy to do too much. Even increasing the distance needs to be done gradually. Without the all important rests you risk an injury, then you will be laid up for a week, and that is a lot worse.


It's because muscle is denser than fat, so you are likely to be gaining muscle and losing fat. The image here illustrates this quite well! bamboocorefitness.com/wp-co... - a lot of people seem to think 'muscle weighs more than fat' but of course that statement is wrong; a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat, the muscle just takes up less space :P


That is one gross picture, but point perfectly illustrated. :-)


Hehe well we're all gross inside at the end of the day :P


I considered the stretch and train program, but i felt i was coming from so far behind on fitness that i decided to spend the money on a personal trainer for 2 of my rest days for the next 5 weeks. I get an hour of personal instruction (my own Laura!) of pilates, stretching and weightlifting, concentrating on my arms and back, since the running is(should be) developing and shaping my bottom half!

(It cost as much as 6 months at the gym, but in the past i paid for years of gym membership without attending, so since i wont skive off a private appointment, it is cheaper than doing that, again.)

I will probably incorporate the stretch and train once this is done. So far, i have really appreciated the close attention, it's nice to understand finally exactly the movements i sort of faked my way through in school, because nobody ever really properly explained the details of press ups or sit ups. We just copied as best we could. I did anyway.


I find Pilates is good on my rest days and it helps to tone the body - I got a flat tummy this way. Good luck with the programme and whatever you decide for your rest days. Best wishes.


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