Anyone else had a hissy-fit when a caller interrupts your podcast?

I am five foot nothing and pretty benign but I was apoplectic when my daughter rang my mobile 4 times in quick succession during the final run section last night. With hindsight I was able to laugh but the frustration of losing Laura and knowing I hadn't a chance of answering my i-phone in time as it was tucked under layers of clothing was more than I could bear! My daughter never leaves a message either so you are left thinking she's at death's door when she just wants to know if we've any Cheese & Onion in. I must have run double the allotted time!

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  • The tags on your post made me grin :)

    I usually run early in the morning before anyone else in the household is up so the only phone call I have ever received whilst running was from my son asking for a lift home from a party!

  • lol ! I've had a hissy fit but not due to a call but just when I'm walking i try to be clever and close other other programs and end up closing the podcast! Twice I've done this!! Serves me right.. I should focus on the program!!!

  • I have my phone on a lanyard round my neck for running... can't ignore the phone because one of my children is the sort that school need to phone about. I have had some quite long complicated conversations whilst running! Blowed if I am stopping!

  • My daughter never leaves a message either! So frustrating.

  • I always put my phone on silent so I don't get calls or texts when I'm running but can see missed calls as soon as I look at the screen again and can call them back. Simples!

  • I agree, my daughter would ring me about something she had heard on the radio just as I had got about five or so minutes to go. I now have an iPod. When it happened repeatedly I would set my phone to go straight to voice mail which seemed to work and just hoped there were no disasters for the 40 minutes that I was away from the phone.

  • I get people stopping to talk to me. Lovely folks but please I vant to be alone! LOL

    It really gets your goat doesn't it. I got stopped by a woman asking for directions yesterday and had to re-start my podcast. Hunting in pockets for specs and the mp3 player, putting the earphones back in, detangling everything. It makes you want to scream but I'm far too polite to just keep running and ignore people

  • Yes and it is infuriating!! My phone is stuffed down my sports bra and pulling it out can be quite awkward not to mention the inability to converse during a run! It is very off-putting and I find it hard not to hide it!

  • Selfish I may be but, once I start my 30 minute podcast, I do not stop for anyone or anything. It's MY time and mine alone. Good luck with the rest of your programme. Best wishes.

  • Thanks for your replies!

    I am only on Wk2 Run 2 (tonight) but I am so impressed with this program and I love the community on this forum.

    Like so many people on here, I would not consider myself a natural runner and I am self conscious about running too; but lack of time, ready cash and fitness coupled with a surfeit of lard drove me to consider running. Coming across C25K was real stroke of luck and so far I'm quite enjoying it and I think it will remain part of my life beyond reaching any weight loss goals. I'm lucky because I live on a long flat promenade with amazing estuary views (my profile picture is taken from my bedroom balcony) so I have a perfect and traffic-free route.

  • Fabulous view. What a beautiful running track.

  • This made me chortle. Yes, it annoys the heck out of me when people disturb my run. On one occasion my beloved rang me to ask where the gravy boat was! Aaarrrrggghhh! I turn my phone to silent and use the stopwatch as I like the silence.

  • Have u thought of investing in the iPod arm band me and my mum have just started the 5k and were the same took under layers of clothes but it's a lot easier on an arm strap x

  • Just reading your post title I giggled in recognition of this particular hissy fit! I have stomped home in a rage and got wrapped in knots trying to free my phone for the 3rd call right at the sprint finish of a run...I have cursed, blamed people for me not getting a pb...and then ended up apologising and giggling about it (well...a good hour or so later). You are certainly not alone - you will smile about it one day :)

  • Your post made me chuckle.

    I never take my phone running, but I can understand you need to be contacted by your children.

    I use my iPod Nano, it's much lighter and you hardly know it's on your arm.

    Any phone call can wait in my eyes.

  • Priceless ! Couldn't stop laughing at the thought as have just had the same experience ,it all adds to the interest !? X

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