Couch to 5K

Geez that hurt!!!

So, run 2 on week one completed this morning and do I know about it!! Being completely honest I found it harder than the first run, mainly due to both my thighs hurting even prior to the run. I guess it shows I'm working muscles that have laid dormant for many years!!

The one positive was I found myself jogging faster for the first three 60 second runs than I did on Monday, and I certainly enjoyed it more running at 6am than last thing at night, great wake up call!.

Home made soup, carrot sticks and a mid morning cereal bar will hopefully keep me going until this evening...the one slip I had yesterday was I found myself feeling quite peckish around 8pm so I had a banana and a packet of crisps...more educating the stomach not to crave snacks needed I guess ... then again, it's a marathon, not a sprint, so I'm not going to completely cut out all 'bad' foods just yet.

Looking forward to Friday mornings run 3 and then 2 days recuperation.

Quick question ...does anyone have any tips on how to ease my thigh muscles pain???

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Stretching after each run is vital, but if you're new to all this then your muscles WILL ache unfortunately. It takes about two weeks for your legs to say "Ohhhh riiiight! He's running every other day is he? I better get used to this and adjust"

Your legs are dead clever.....


At the moment they are just dead!! :-) Thanks for the reply though Danzargo.


Tell your thighs they are going to have to get used to working for their bacon and any complaining will be ignored! However rest is vital between runs and It should ease... A hot bath may help too.Gait analysis is vital to get good shoes too... Good luck and keep on enjoying it, it's wonderful to be reminded of those early days, we have all been there!!


Hi Darren, well done for getting started on the programme - the first week's usually the worst! Have you tried the stretches on the NHS choices website:

I do them religiously after every run and they seem to serve me well. By the time I've finished them I can usually breathe again too! Oh, and never skip the warm up and warm down 5 minute walks. Good luck for Friday's run!


You could try doing the strength and flex podcasts on your rest days to try to firm up your muscles. If you've not been active for a while those legs are bound to complain. It does get better, honest!

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I would not try to go to fast and don't over stride. Also, observing rest days between runs is important, to allow muscles to repair any tiny tears.


Have you done any stretches after the running? Like Dan says - they are essential or you will ache the next day.

Good man for starting out though! It does get better!


I did the 5 minute brisk walk after and a few leg stretches to finish, I just think it's going to take my body time to adjust.


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