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Really surprised myself

So I downloaded the couch to 5k app yesterday and decided to embark on my first run - I read the first day run of walking and running yet decided initially that I wanted to see just how far I could go so I used mapmyrun and did a continuous run of 3.10k in 26 minutes with a hill finish! It is amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it and just keep going :) I am hoping to improve my time initially and then increase my distance to get to 5k!

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Well done , but just a word of caution , don't do too much too soon . Have you ever run in the past ? The programme is designed to build up your fitness gradually to avoid any injuries . It's great that you can do that , but do remember to take your rest days . I'm saying this because a month after I graduated I upped my distance too quickly & I'm now out of action with a sprained ankle . Take care & happy running .


Sounds like you surprised yourself there! Well done.. I do agree it's amazing what we can do if we put our minds to it. In all areas of life.

I would echo Rockette's word of caution though. Just be careful, my husband decided to join me on week 7 and kept up no bother and Was really enjoying it. I was too as it was nice having someone to run with. So all went well for the next 5 runs then something happened to his foot and calf and he had trouble even walking for several weeks. He plans to start the programme again but from the beginning this time to build up his strength and muscles.

On saying that I think much of this depends on your level of fitness, age and previous running experience. You look many years younger than me ( or my husband) so I expect you are much fitter too - so please don't think I am being negative, I'm not. I want you to be able to keep on running seeing as you seem to have enjoyed it so much. Good luck improving your stamina and duration and let us know how it goes.


Welcome! Well done you for getting off to a glowing start! As above be careful you're not 'running before you can walk' so to speak! 9 weeks to build up is nothing and you'll be glad you built up gradually and gave your body a chance to accustom to its new movement. Take care and let us know how you progress.


Thanks guys for the kind words! I totally see your point about not pushing too much too soon, I must admit I can feel the aches in my hips and shins a little. I currently go to the gym 2/3 times a week but only do 30 mins cardio on the bike or cross trainer as I do more weight training so I wanted to up my cardio without always having to go to the gym. Well done to you all! You all sound like you're doing great, my next run will be on Sunday- I promise to take it easy ;)


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