Couch to 5K

More of a plod really!

First run of the year done. Well I say run, it was more of a plod! Legs felt heavy, actually all of me felt heavy but I got out there and did it. 5k in 36.39. Not my best time but not too shabby. All showered and off for my gait analysis now. I wonder what other running goodies I'll just have to buy while I'm there! I'll let you know.

Viki :-)

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Well done on the run. I bet you felt much happier having got that one under your belt. I never had my gait analysed so do please tell all. Thanks


Well done ! I've yet to do my first run of the year (fingers crossed I'll do it tomorrow.) I'm sure that feeling of heaviness has been replaced with one of satisfaction after "plodding" in a fabulous time.

I look forward to hearing of how the gait analysis went. :-)


You got out there, you did it. Well done! It takes serious will power this time of the year!


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