Another "Stamina" with C25k+ and feeling fine :-)

Have had a couple of runs since Christmas Day. I'm using C25K+ to try to improve my speed and style. ( I really do run taller when Laura reminds me to!)

I am running the Manchester 10k in May and hope to beat last year's time of 1hr 29 mins (which was better than the 1 1/2hr goal I'd set myself).

Anyway after reading Legion's post, I am also setting myself a target to run 500 miles this year.

You never know, somewhere in there I might even manage to run 5K in 30 mins!

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  • I haven't tried those '+' podcasts but sounds like it could be helpful - I think my speed and style could both do with a bit of help! Might also take yours and Legions lead in setting a goal for the year.

    Sounds like your enjoying your running and that's the important thing - good luck with your preparations for May!

  • Cheers Jellymum :[)

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