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Missed parkrun this morning and it wasn't because of the mojitos last night!

After the mojitos (and the glass of wine when the mojitos ran out, that's what caused my insides to rebel, the mixture, you'd think I'd know by now!) and the chicken wings and games and general mayhem (very enjoyable) we left Alex's; down the steps outside her house, the last step is a half step and half kerbstone which totally threw MIL who went splat. Picked her up, dusted her off and put her in the car to take home. When we got back to her house noticed a pool of liquid on the car carpet that looked suspiciously red, blood? Took her indoors and examined her leg, nasty cut. All those ads on the radio about not going to a&e for minor ailments and as soon as we need a walk in centre or some such they're all shut, so a&e it was. Got there at 3am, into triage at about 4.30, finally escaped just after 8 (sprained ankle + gashed leg = steristrips + crutches), home about half past 8ish, no sleep, no time to change and run to park run (even if I felt up to a 13k+ run (there, round and back)), wasn't going to ask hubby to drive me there, he hadn't slept all night either, probably wasn't legally capable still of driving myself so I bailed and went to bed. Until 11am when SIL rang for an update on MIL. Sat there listening to the wind and rain batter the house and dragged myself out for a kill or cure run just after midday.

I feel better now, just, another coffee and bacon roll will probably help even more.

By the by, a&e in the early hours on New Year's day is an eye opener. Not quite out in the sticks, but not near a huge town or anything, most of the inmates last night had police escorts, at change of shift one of the nurses came round on a headcount or whatever and was rather happy to find one patient who wasn't totally sozzled! If I hadn't been so flipping tired and generating my own hangover it would have been rather entertaining (actually between the hard seat and struggling to stay awake there were some entertaining parts!).

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well done for getting out there, I am so impressed!!


Yup! Think that qualifies as a legitimate reason for missing a parkrun! I, for one, wouldn't have made it out at lunchtime either, given the night you had, so well done!


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