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Sunday Run - inspired by your posts!

Hi! I have not posted on here for quite a while about any runs; have been plodding away except for two and a bit weeks after my birthday when the dreaded cold/flu bug hit. I did a 5.7km outside last Tuesday; but have been on 5 early shifts with less than 4 hours sleep a night (I hate earlies because I can't sleep beforehand- worried I may miss the alarm, even though it's only happened once in 19 years!) then yesterday I was going to go out but ended up Christmas shopping after work for several hours, then wrapping, then Strictly....

But today I was a spare bod at work; so had time to get down into the basement gym; and I managed to run 5km (well 3.2 miles - I don't use miles but that's what the new machine is in!) in 34 minutes! Just outside my pb, but I had to leap off to get a drink three times as I could only get it onto a programme preset to 10 minutes so took advantage of that time to refresh my scarlet faced self...

While running the first 10 minutes I managed to chat to a colleague and have recruited him to C25K - app has now been downloaded and he is all set to go for it! yay!

Hope all you C25K'ers have a wonderful Christmas; I will be out trying my new Garmin on Christmas day before breakfast (birthday present that I haven't had as yet as Amazon failed to deliver; so will be able to set it up on Christmas Eve...

Happy running, and here's to great things and new PB's in 2014 :-)

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Welcome back and thank you. Merry Christmas. Linda


Glad to hear your back out (or in) there and sounds like yesterday's run was a good one. Happy birthday, happy Christmas and enjoy your Garmin when it comes. I got a Garmin for my birthday in October, the basic 110, and love it.


Enjoy your Garmin - you're going to love it. Happy birthday, merry Christmas and good running.


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